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Easter Celebrations In Greece

While here in the UK we have already got the Easter celebrations out of the way the Christian Orthodox countries such as Greece are just about to begin theirs this weekend.

The reason behind the delay in the Easter celebrations is because of the difference in the calendars that they follow. In a lot of the eastern Christian countries, they follow the Julian calendar opposed to the Gregorian calendar which is widely used by most countries today. It is not only Greece that celebrates Easter a little later but Russia as well as other Balkan, middle eastern and former Soviet countries.

Easter in the UK is celebrated with eggs whether they be chocolate, soft/hard boiled, poached or any other way. You may attend a church service or just make it a day for family and friends. If you wonder why Lamb is the main feature for meals around Eastertime this is because according to Apostle, Jesus was the lamb of god. Eggs represent the symbol of new life or the emergence of Jesus from the tomb and in Greece, they paint eggs a red colour to represent the blood from Christ’s tomb. Church services begin on Good Friday 26th April 2019, and on this day tend to have a more sombre affair to them, flags at half-mast and a few bells ringing to represent Christ’s passing.

In Greece and other countries, they still follow similar Easter celebrations but with the addition of getting out the fireworks and homemade bombs and even in some cases nearly setting the town on fire in the name of tradition.

Easter on Chios

The Saturday in western Christianity Is the day where the main celebrations are. “Holy Saturday” is the most important and takes place around midnight. When finished church bells ring out, fireworks and crackers are released all over towns and villages to mark the resurrection. Also, on the Holy Saturday, you will find another explosive celebration taking place on the tiny island of Chios – known to many as rouketopolemos or rocket wars. This annual tradition takes place in the town of Vrontado, along with two rival parishes that live on the opposite sides of the hills in the town. After the announcement of the resurrection is made thousands of rockets are then released from the two villages aiming for the bell tower of each other’s churches. The next day is when the successor is decided by how many hits, each year both congregations decide they are the winners, agree to disagree so they can prepare and do it all again next year.

In Kalamata the city in Southern Greece Easter is celebrated with a re-enactment of Greece pushing back against the Turkish army in the revolution. They did this with homemade IEDs to scare away the horses. It takes place on the Sunday evening when gangs on each side re-enact the battle in traditional costumes, the making of the IED is a family fun ritual and they start as early as Christmas producing these, even younger members of the family take part in the celebration with smaller sparklers.

Not only explosive action takes place in Samos, a Greek island just off the Turkish mainland for Easter but this is also a celebration for when Greece gained independence from the Ottoman empire. Thousands of artillery shells are filled with gunpowder and placed on slopes all around the village which has taken place for over 100 years known as the custom of the rifles. Easter Sunday is when they are lit and set off creating a bellow of smoke and constant explosions a spectacular thing to watch.

Here are just a few examples of how you can celebrate your extended Easter weekend a little different to ours here in the UK. if you are lucky enough to be anywhere near here over the holidays why not witness some of the extraordinary celebrations first hand and get that little bit of a pyro fix early.




London New Year’s Eve celebrations are acknowledged around the World and everyone and their gran knows about Hogmanay in Edinburgh but what about Wales?

This year, the City of Cardiff will be having their very own Winter Wonderland which includes:

• All the fun of the fair – fairground attractions and rides

• Food and drink – there is plenty to choose from with burgers, sweet and savoury crepes, BBQ pulled pork, chips (fries) and some delicious Churros (like strips of donut deep fried which should then be thoroughly dunked in melted chocolate mmmmm)

• Drinks – this can be either the concessions around about selling soft drinks or there is Sur La Piste Bar for alcoholic beverages

• Ice Skating – open to all ages and for all the family to enjoy – prices vary but for New Year’s Eve it is £20 per adult and £15 per child

• Various Christmas food and drink options

If you are looking for something indoor, why not take the family bowling. Cardiff Superbowl is offering unlimited bowling, a glass of bubbly on the strike of midnight, competitions and giveaways throughout the evening. The cost of the tickets is £22.99 for adults and £14.99 for children and this cost includes a drink on arrival and a meal from a specially selected range. Check the venue out for more details.

For a little more class and to ring in the New Year in style, why not get along to the Rainbow Casino with a huge selection of entertainment and Motown music from the former lead singer of the Drifters, Roy G Hemmings and a glass of fizz to ring in the new year before party time gets under way.

Li’L London will be showing the firework display from London on the big screen and you can sit back and relax with a ‘dawg’ (hotdog to you and I) are if you are a little more peckish, check out their burgers or sharing platters (yeah right … sharing lol) and you will receive a delicious glass of prosecco on arrival.

Alternatively, a number of local bars and restaurants are offering themed events. The Meatery and Martini Company are holding a very special Alice In Wonderland themed night which will include expanding cocktails, flamingo croquet and food inspired by the Novel. Prices start at around £45.00 and more details once again will be available on their website.

So, just because you are not in the Capital, doesn’t necessarily mean the celebrations will be any less special. The fireworks for Cardiff will take place at midnight at the Civic Centre.

Happy New Year from all at Epic Fireworks

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda ?



On the event of the 88th National Day in Saudi Arabia, what better way to celebrate than to try to beat the current Guinness World Record of the most fireworks launched. This was set in Inglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) in the Philippines on 1st January 2016 when they used a staggering 810,000 fireworks which lasted for over an hour, despite the torrential rain.

Over in Saudi, they set off 900,000 fireworks in just 18 minutes, but it was not only the amount of pyro making heads turn as 300 drones created the largest ever National Flag which was a staggering 400 x 300 metres using lasers mounted on drones.

The pyrotechnics were set up from 58 platforms across 20 Cities in Saudi on Sunday Night ably set up by an incredible 1200 crew members from all over the World including some very fortunate professional firers from the UK.

A stunning display and a beautiful use of drones which just added to the joy of the event.