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Ferris Fling Catherine Wheel Fountain

If you have ever seen or fired the wonderful Krazy Klock then you are simply going to love the new addition to the range. A stunning little novelty fountain from Brothers Pyrotechnics.

The Ferris Fling is a fabulous little Catherine wheel/fountain combination which is low on noise and high on effects, and will give even the most discerning fireworks lover something to check out.

Lasting an impressive 1 minute and 40 seconds it removes the usual ‘wheel’ issues like not spinning or falling off the tree by being a standalone item which you light and walk away from.

With three Catherine wheels and 4 fountain elements it starts off with red flames spinning out of the sides and then progresses onto a huge fountain of beautiful silver sparks at the same time then it glows until the beautiful gold and purple sparks begin. The effects continue into green sparks and then a beautiful amber fountain before all of the colours come into play together. It ends with spinners changing to a glowing lilac.

Simply excellent value for money with this long-lasting, high effect novelty item which I guarantee will be something of a talking point for weeks after the display.


Quiet and Family Friendly Fireworks

Here at the home of beautiful fireworks, we know that not everyone will love loud bangs, screeches and whistles so we have a small selection of low noise fireworks which concentrate on effect and colour as opposed to noise.

Selection boxes are usually a good starting point for any decent garden display and we have chosen some for just such an occasion.

The Dynamic Selection Box is a cracking little box, packed with some of the loveliest fireworks around. At just under £7 it contains 15 high quality and high performance fireworks with 10 fountains, 4 roman candles and even a Catherine Wheel for good measure.

Of course, this is the basis of a great night so what should you add into the equation. Much of that decision is based on the budget that you have available to you. The box doesn’t contain any rockets or barrages and could do with one or two small barrages and sparklers as well as one of our selection of low noise rockets.

Good additions would be the fantastic Astroplane Rockets, some Sky Blast Roman Candles and a couple of Magic Stars and Trailing Tails for a lovely evening – not forgetting sparklers, just bear in mind that sparklers should not be used by the under fives.

What we need to know before you buy is how large is your garden/firing space? Can you safely use rockets or fanned items? And what is your budget?

If you are holding a sizeable event for the school or local nursery, why not give us a call and have a chat with a technician about your firework display – at the end of the day, all we sell are fireworks of every size shape and noise rating or sound effect so our specialist knowledge is unparalleled. We are open 7-days a week and can answer most questions either by telephone or email so drop us a line at [email protected]


Catherine Wheels Epic Style

The Catherine Wheel is a type of fireworks which is made by using a powder filled thin tube which is spiralled around which when lit rotates and emits effects.

Here at Epic we hold a large variety which range in price from under £3 to under £15.

The Colourful Wheel from Fireworks International is long-lasting at 1 ½ minutes duration and it may be small and quiet but the testimonials speak for themselves:

Anthony Perkins said:

‘This wheel may look small and not seem much, BUT it is one of the nicest, quietest and long-lasting, most charming of fireworks – definitely would buy again!’

With rich and brilliant colour, changing from red to gold to green it is truly beautiful and effective in any fireworks display.

Onto our biggest and best-selling wheel – The Fiery Eye Wheel from Brothers Fireworks which at just under £15 for a minute and 20 seconds of beautiful effects – again reviewed by Anthony:

‘This is a stunning piece: very bright gold sparks combined with a beautiful blue flame in the centre – beautiful’

As the wheel gets faster it looks like a huge glowing globe which has a number of flashing effects.

The Catherine Wheel has quite a macabre history being named after the Breaking Wheel, which was used to torture and kill St Catherine. Check it out: http://epicfireworks.com/blog/2010/02/instrument-of-torture/

If you are looking for a high quality product at a great price, get in touch with Epic Fireworks – we have the widest range of fireworks in the biggest bespoke firework store in the UK.