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Battle Proms at Burghley House


Are you ready for an evening of soul-stirring nostalgia and patriotism on a massive scale? Then the ‘Burghley House Battle Proms’ will be just up your street.

Gates open at 4:30pm for the eleventh annual display which features classical music, a mounted cavalry lance and pistol display and a whole host of other entertainment to thrill and entertain all ages.

Britain’s answer to the Andrews sisters, “the Rockabellas”, will have toes tapping as they belt out 40s themed music as the day progresses Spitfires perform aerial acrobatics to Elgar’s Nimrod before the crowd gets into their swing with flag waving to classics. As the Spitfires approach, a volley of 13lb field guns will announce the arrival in memory of the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe.

This year the event will be more unique as not one but two finales will take place. In remembrance of the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo, the ground will truly shake as Napoleonic 200 replica cannons along with muskets, take to the fields. This is the only place in the world that you can experience Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture in its full atmospheric magnificence, visitors travel from all corners of the world just for this spectacle.

The evening culminates in a traditional rendition of British Classics such as “land of hope and glory”, “Rule Britannia” “Jerusalem” etc. as fireworks fill the huge skies in one of the most atmospheric displays available.

Tickets are available on-line with a discount if purchased in advance. Starting at £36 if booked in advance or £40 on the gate. Group bookings of ten or more are able to get a further discount when booked in advance, children under five go free when accompanied by an adult, 5-15 year olds pay £17.

Hampers and Champers are sure to be in abundance as many couples bring traditional picnic baskets or pre-order one for collection on arrival, also Gazebos, picnic tables and chairs are available for hire.

Some concert pavilion tickets are still obtainable, starting at £240.00 for a table of four or £340.00 for six people. The pavilion tables do not include food or drink but are a great place to meet friends and catch up on the gossip.

As parking is offered free of charge many will drive to the venue but consider that the venue attract up to 8000 guests for the event so as always plan ahead to prevent disappointment or delays.

There is also a photography competition for the budding David Baileys among you, simply upload your pictures (maximum of six) to either www.facebook.com/battleproms or www.twitter.com/battleproms for some battleprom related goodies and tickets for future events.

If you are planning you own proms for your friends and family, call us seven days a week for some of the most powerful fireworks available to the general public, and finish the night in EPIC style.


Battle Proms – Music with Gunpowder

The Battle Proms will visit Burghley House in Stamford on Saturday, 11 July, with patriotic anthems blending with military history to create the spectacular night.
The evening will kick off with a flypast from one of the most famous aircraft in the world – a Spitfire – performing a carefully choreographed and breathtaking air display.

There will also be a dramatic war re-enactment from the Napoloeonic Association, with a sensational skill-at-arms displays on horseback and on foot, expertly bringing to life the skirmishes of one of the most colourful and dramatic periods of history.

After the display, the music will begin, announced by a volley of shots from an authentic vintage field gun, answered by infantry musket fire.

Classic patriotic classical favourites, such as Jerusalem, Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory will be performed by the New English Concert Orchestra, with soprano soloist Denise Leigh joined by the acclaimed tenor Michael Bracegirdle on stage.

One of the most dramatic parts of the evening will be Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and the unforgettable performance of Beethoven’s Battle Symphony.

Both pieces will include the live firing of cannons, using real gunpowder, fired by the orchestra’s percussionist to the original score.

The Battle Proms is believed to be the only concert in the world that includes the firing of authentic cannons, rather than synthetic explosions.

The evening will conclude with a spectacular fireworks display in front of the house itself.