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The 2016 Blackpool World Firework Championships get under way on 9th September with the first of three competing teams taking it to the skies over the Irish Sea.

First competed for in 1999, the competition continues to grow in size along with the support it receives from the general public, it has certainly positioned itself as one of the best FREE display events in the UK today.

The firework displays take part each Friday from 9th in competition format and the finale will be UK-based company Titanium Fireworks who will entertain the crowds whilst the winners are announced.

New for this year, there will be a 3D show projected onto the front of the famous Tower building. The event also takes place during the town’s busiest time – BLACKPOOL ILLUMINATIONS so you have two reasons to pop over and enjoy the free family fun and entertainment on offer.

If you do have smaller children, why not make a weekend of it and take them along to the Wild West Diner where they can eat ‘cowboy and western themed’ style and the menu (including breakfast items like pancakes and eggs all day) will have something to suit even the fussiest of eaters. Alternatively, there are some family themed bars/restaurants along the sea front facing the fireworks.

Of course, the entertainment includes the usual amusements etc but you could also visit the sea-life centre or the zoo.

World Champioship Fireworks - Blackpool

Competing team at this year’s event are as follows:

Friday 9th September 2016 – Skylighter Fireworks – Australia

Established in 1999 Skylighter Fireworks have carried out some of the most prestigious work on the Southern Continent and continued to expand until last year, when Fireworx by Ian Riedel merged with them to create Skylighter Fireworx.

Friday 16th September 2016 – Privatex Pyro – Slovakia

The team have competed on every continent and continue to hone their skills on the World stage with an appearance here at Blackpool. This year, they have competed in Courcheval and at Ignis Brunensis as well as the International Festival of Dancing Fireworks where they narrowly missed out to the team from Pyrotex Fireworx from Derby.

Friday 23rd September 2016 – Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks – USA

The last team in the competition hail from Cincinnati in the USA. One of the original ‘Italian Firework Families’ they have been in the pyro business since before they moved to Cincinnati in 1895 (yes, 120 years!!). They have of course over the years performed throughout the states and many other countries and continents beyond.

Friday 30th September – Celebration display by Titanium Fireworks and winner announcement

Once all three teams have shown their wares, the finale will take place on September 30th when Titanium Fireworks take to the skies whilst the winner is announced.

Blackpool Fireworks Championships 2014

COST: FREE (the epic fireworks team LOVE this word :)

This event has been running for many years and continues to bring together some of the very best teams from around the world together to battle it out for supremacy in the skies over the West Coast of the UK.

Teams from Sweden, Austria and Canada take it to the next level as they put together a display showing their wares alongside the internationally famous Blackpool Illuminations.

All the displays must be set to music and will all be fired from the North Pier.

The firing order is as follows:

5/9/2014 – Team Sweden
12/9/2014 – Team Austria
19/9/2014 – Team Canada
26/9/2014 – Closing Display

The finale display will be brought to you from the very special non competing guests, Titanium Fireworks who are putting on a show to close this marvellous event. Their display is sure to be something special so make sure that your camera’s are at the ready. The winners will be announced after the finale display from Titanium.

The first display was Sweden, up on Friday on what was essentially a very nice evening. There was a great deal of smoke but there were some lovely pieces. My personal ‘thing’ is symmetry and these most certainly wont but given the restrictive ‘firing space’ on the Pier, we shall have to see what the remaining teams can pull out of the bag.

Last year, whilst the weather wasn’t quite as terrible as it was in 2012, there were still very high winds so fingers crossed that the weather may be a little more clement this time around. However, having visited the illuminations on a number of times in the past, the weather conditions can be absolutely appalling so fingers crossed.

This is the perfect chance to get some fireworks in your system in preparation for Bonfire Night and a lovely place to visit with plenty to do through the day and after the fireworks, you can take in a show, visit the cinema or go out to eat in any one of the thousands of café and restaurants.

Blackpool International Firework Championships 2013. FRANCE.


Heat three of the Blackpool International Fireworks Championships got under way last night in the usual weather conditions experienced on the West Coast of the UK – wind and rain!!

Team France are Focus Pyro and they had some beautiful fireworks on offer but the music was a little on the shady side. They had some truly gorgeous double break crossettes and massive space ships to go with some astounding ground fireworks which tied the whole thing together brilliantly, you can view the video footage below.

At the start of the display, I had some concerns as they didn’t really hit their stride until around four minutes into the display and the wind obviously had an adverse effect on the event.

I have to add that having watched all three, the out-and-out winners in my opinion have to be the team from Ireland, Rocket Pyrotechnics who had more flow to the display and the firework effects were lovely with some truly lovely shell bursts which changed colour in the sky.

Having checked back over historical video footage from 2009 for example, the whole event appeared to have more support and the amount of pyro used was massive but controlled unlike some ‘throw it up and hope for the best’ where there is so much in the sky at any one time you can’t actually take it all in. Perhaps its down to cost or weather conditions but whatever the reason, as the teams have to foot the massive bill for everything in order to receive the accolade on offer, it is perhaps losing momentum in these tight economic times.

We will of course bring you the official results next week and footage of the display from Titanium Fireworks with their exhibition display which we anticipate will be absolutely beautiful too.

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