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Wyn Testing Epic Fireworks May 2013

I bet you’re all thinking WTF is that above picture all about!

Well, before I tell you, let me give you a brief reminder (and apologies if you already know this) of what kind of work goes into making a cake/barrage.

1. Roll the tubes

Step 1 involves rolling the tubes. Many years ago this was done by hand, but in the past 10 years or so, machines have been introduced to roll the tubes, just like below.

Big Rolls Of Paper For Tubes  - Epic Fireworks China Trip 2012

2. Dry the tubes

Once the tubes have been rolled and cut to size they are then left outside to dry. Depending on the time of the year, sometimes the tubes are placed in a ‘drying room’  due to the rainy season or damp weather. Having strong tubes is crucial – more info here.

Ideally, the tubes that are dried naturally tend to be much stronger.

Jimmy Goes Firework Testing in China July 2012 - A 70 Shot Fan Barrage In Production

3. The bung

Step 3 involves ‘breaking down’ the ‘red China earth’ into a fine powder as shown in the video below.

Machines (video below) are then used to turn the fine red powder into a clay bung (sometimes these are made from plastic to keep the weight down) to one end of the tube. This acts as a solid base for the firework to recoil against and forces the effect to go upwards.

4. Insert the lift charge and effect chamber into the tube

Once the tubes have been rolled, dried, and bunged at one end, the next process is to insert the lift-charge and the effects. This could be stars, whistles etc.

5. Linking the tubes together

Once you have all the tubes loaded with the different effects, the next job is to link them all together, using glue, tape, visco fuse, paper and loads of patience.

6. Insert Cardboard disc

This is where you add a cardboard disc inside the tubes to stop any composition from falling out and it also helps to contain the energy inside the tube once it starts its chemical reaction.

7. Add the label

This involves wrapping a label around the firework and sometimes on top of the fireworks.

Rows Of King Cobra  - Epic Fireworks China Trip 2012

8. Place the fireworks into the shipping carton

The final step is to put the barrages into the UN carton ready for shipment.

Jimmy Testing Fireworks

As you see, making fireworks is a very time-consuming, labour intensive job. So, back to the opening paragraph, WTF is this:

Wyn Testing Epic Fireworks May 2013


This will be how cakes and barrages are made in the future. The mould is made 100% from recycled materials including vegetable fibre, recycled paper, starch, calcium carbonate, and glue and it’s extremely strong – which makes it even safer.

There will be no need to roll the tubes, wait till the tubes dry, insert a bung……etc……. Now, all you do is insert the lift-charge and effect chamber, add the cardboard disc, add the fuse underneath (see pic below) and wrap the label around the firework.

The Future of Fireworks

Job Done.

In theory, the price of firework cakes and barrages should come down as this process removes a lot of production time (and the labour costs in China are going up and up and up every year) but the initial investment in the new machines that produce the mould is very very expensive.

So, a very well done to our Chinese suppliers for coming up with this awesome idea – the only thing they haven’t figured out (yet) is that they can’t produce fan cakes this way !

But watch this space!

More news on this fantastic development to follow soon 🙂



19 Shots of Perfection

Mixed 19 Shot Cakes by Epic Fireworks

We stock some of arguably the best barrages in the UK.

Are you fed up with paying a fortune for the monster of a firework from your local retailer and it fires twice and gives up? Do you want high-quality products at a very reasonable price? Are you having a firework display this year and are looking for some fireworks that you know you can depend on? Then look no further.

Epic has added a new selection of 19 shot barrages to their selection which will be the talk of the pyro industry this year. We already had some excellent 19 shot barrages contained in the Epic 19 A box: Maverick, First Dynasty and Fragma so we wanted to give some variety and came up with these little beauties:

Epic 19 Shot B Selection

Diablo – 19 shots with multi-coloured pearls which break into peonies of red, green, blue and pink with electric crackling tips and VERY loud reports.

Dragons Dream – Dragon’s Dream 19 Shot. 19 large bore shots – Very loud reports when peonies of pinks, greens, blues and lilac bursts high in the sky ending with a huge triple shot burst of lilac.

Serpents Bite – Serpents Bite 19 Shot. Pearls rise high then break into peonies of blue, gold, red & green ending with triple pink and green starbursts and huge crackling clouds.

Goblins Gold – Goblins Gold 19 shot. Flashing multi-coloured comets rise high into the sky and burst into massive brocade effects with sparkling pink, blue and silver glitter. Continuing to fire consistently big breaks until the finale break of four shots filling the sky with stars of all colours. These are brilliant either fired as a single or in multiples for an even more sky filling effect. Another of this season’s sure-fire winners.

Devils Den – The Devil’s Den 19 shot. 19 powerful Shots. A faster-paced barrage of multi-coloured peonies which break into reds, greens & pinks with a silver electric crackle cloud finale and loud reports.

Mad Monster – Mad Monster This is 19 shots of fast firing mayhem. Pearls break into massive peonies ending with a multi-shot strobing star finale. Loud and luscious you must include this in the middle of your display.

So what are you waiting for? Come along to our Head Office in Tankersley (J36 M1) and collect some of these for your display this year.



This year, as many of you will already know, we have taken a number of trips over to China to ensure that we continue to provide the opportunity to our customers to enjoy every effect possible.

In previous years, we have depended on other suppliers, known for their product range to bolster our 16 shot range. We would prefer that it was our own product, made to our specifications with the right timings, rich colours and sky filling effects.

All of the range of 16 shot barrages, are competitively priced and are a must for any display.

Dragon Warrior – fast-paced comets rise and then break into golden brocades ejecting multicoloured stars and ending with a four-shot finale of red and mint green.

Werewolf – each shot produces red, green and blue stars and strobes ending with a four-shot pink and indigo crackle cloud finale burst.

Furysixteen shots of comets break into huge clusters of red and blue stars.  A lovely addition to any show.

Alienlarge and loud clusters of lilac and green breaks interlaced with palms and a crackle cloud finale.

Aftershock – silver spinners with lilac tips break into the golden whispering palm with a gold willow and crackle cloud finale.

Cyborg16 shots of fast-paced multicoloured pearls of red, lilac and green ending with a variegated multi shot stars and a crackling clouds.

Elitemulti coloured varying sized stars break into large bursts of red, blues and greens with a four-shot golden brocade and crackle cloud finish.  This is bound to be one of the season’s favourites.

Venom – one of the most unusual sounding fireworks available at this time. Very loud with massive breaks of green and silver palms with strobing red and silver dancing lights and a 4 shot finale.

High Voltage – Huge silver chrysanthemums with blue bursting peonies an silver comets ending with a massive crackle cloud.

All of the above are priced at half the manufacturers recommended retail price to ensure that our customers get the best available products at fantastic prices.

If you would like further advice about any of the above-featured fireworks, or any other item in our range, please do not hesitate to get in contact directly. We are open 7-days a week, 362 days of the Year and have something to suit every budget and firing space. You can call us, email, tweet or get in touch via Facebook.