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What is the difference between a Barrage, Cake and a Battery?

The world of fireworks can be more than a little confusing when it comes to the types of products that there are available and no more so than when it comes to the terminology used to describe them.

The cake factory #EpicFireworks

Firework Cakes come in many different sizes and shapes and our range contains different numbers of shots from as few as 16 and go up to 1500 plus. The majority of them comprise of numerous card tubes glued together and fused timed differentiated for each shot. They can have an infinite choice of effect to each shot. Once the firework cake is lit, the fuse burns from tube to tube, igniting each shot in turn, which then flies up into the air where it explodes with an effect. Thus, a 16 shot cake will have 16 tubes, a 49 shot cake will have 49 tubes and so on.

Professional Fireworks

There are some who refer to Cakes as barrages as single effect all the way through whereas a cake may contain multiple effects. For example, the Whispering Palms is a 40 shot barrage offering massive high calibre palms all the way through but the colours and effects may differ very slightly with the palm glittering or strobing but it remains a single effect. Others, like the Wild Horses, maintain the same effect all the way through with no change to the overall effect.

Consumer Fireworks Fan Cake

You may call an average cake a SIB or party in a box. These types of fireworks offer a variety of effects and are usually designed by the manufacturers to produce a whole display from a single fuse. Cakes are more like a bunch of single shot roman candles if you want a more basic understanding. You will often find shops describe a cake as a combination roman candle.

CE Firework Cake Demo

There are some which we would describe as a display in a box where a massive number of tubes is conjoined but each may have a completely different sized tube, containing different compositions within. For example, The King Hell from Epic Fireworks is a fanned 100 shot multi effect cake with differing sized tubes which varies the burst, sound, colours, effects and off the cuff, this is one of the busiest cakes in our range with fanned effects, straight comet effects, peonies, spinners and crackling stars.

90 Shot Fan Cakes

The upshot is, whether you want a cake a roman candle a barrage or a battery, we have something to suit every taste from super loud to really quiet they are all spectacular and are guaranteed to bring a smile to even the frostiest of faces.

Wyn Testing The Cakes In China

After inspecting the rockets at the rocket factory, Wyn’s next job was to visit the barrage/cake factory to check the production and quality of the tubes. The quality of the tubes is extremely important in barrages – if the tubes are weak then the chance of the firework malfunctioning is massively increased.

Check out the video below by our good friend David DeSafey from Pyro Talk in the USA, he explains a little more about the importance of strong high quality tubes.

Bundles Of Tubes  - Epic Fireworks China Trip 2012

Here’s a shot video of a production line in China…

As you can see below, the firework sheds were piled up with epic product ready to be packed into their UN approved cartons.

Wyn Testing Epic Fireworks May 2013

Wyn Testing Epic Fireworks May 2013

Wyn Testing Epic Fireworks May 2013

Wyn will make another trip to China in the middle of July 2013 to check the remainder of the stock before shipment.

It must be such a hard demanding job to go to China and light fireworks day and night……the entire epic fireworks team are full of envy :)

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Crescendo 105 Shot

crescendo 105 shot by epic fireworks

Epic Fireworks presents the amazing Crescendo, one of our best sellers with over 2000 units sold a year.

A powerful 1.3g single ignition barrage. 105 shots of brilliant loud bangs and crackles, accompanied by beautiful violet and blue mines with silver strobing stars, crackling comet tails rise into large multicoloured chrysanthemums with green, red and silver stars and golden clouds of crackling stars.

With a whopping duration this is a fantastic multi effect barrage with a steady and busy performance throughout and noise to boot is an absolute must.

No. of Shots: 105
Approx Firework Duration: 70 Sec
Firework Dimensions: 50cm x 38cm x 15cm
Bore Size: 25mm
Noise Rating: 8/10
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres
Vertical or Fan: Vertical

Here’s a load of firework videos and pics of the crescendo from some of our loyal customers :)

crescendo - beautiful

can you hear the rockets 'crescendo'

This Is A Flipping Crazy Load

are these all for me?

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