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Firework Themed Advertising

When it comes to celebrating or promoting a product we are surprised just how many companies choose fireworks.

Every day it seems there is a new video on TV highlighting the benefits everything from fast cars to fast food, Coca Cola to Cadbury’s crème eggs.

In the latest pyrotechnic offering “the laughing cow” people have used bread sticks to create fireworks bursting to emphasise sensation the flavour leaves on the tongue, keep up the good work.


Exploding Kit Kats

Have a break shoot a kit kat

When you want to celebrate, take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or indeed just sit back and relax with our friends and family, we look towards fireworks to lift our spirits.

The clever folk at Nestle, who have owned the rights to this iconic wafer bar since 1988, following the takeover of former chocolate manufacturer “Rowntree”, realized this and have recently launched their latest ‘Kit-Kat’ advertisement with a firework theme to satisfy my daily pyrotechnic fix and the girlfriends chocolate cravings.

Happy days!


Fireworks and Advertising

A couple of weeks ago, I touched upon advertising in my piece about the old firework companies and their history. However, having been completely blown away by the recent ‘Coke Zero’ advertisement, I would like to know if there has ever been a TV advertisement for fireworks?

I am not referring to adverts which include fireworks as we have featured these on our firework blog a number of times, but an actual firework manufacturer/supplier who has made an advert in the UK?

In the new ‘Coke’ advert (coke has regularly featured fireworks in their advertising campaigns) the scene is a cinema theatre with rows of seats packed with people waiting for their film to start when up pops the man from the concessions stand, chatting about the new taste of ‘Coke Zero’ which they say is as tasty as regular coke and therefore cannot be distinguished because of its usual saccharine after taste. He gives them a bit more ‘schmooz’ and then tells the captive audience that they are all drinking the new tastier Coke Zero as he removes the double up cup to reveal this, the film cuts back to the audience who are revealing to their obvious astonishment that this is the case.

So I got thinking (I know, steady on) may be the firework manufacturers should have a ‘fire-off’ to determine the best in each category but with a team of people who are simply lovers of fireworks and not connected with the industry or any particular brand or product. It’s the only way to get a genuinely unbiased view. What do you think?