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Well, he’s been, upset the Royal Family and British Politicians, told us what we should do and climbed back on-board Airforce 1 back to the US. But, if it has taught us anything about Politics, it has at least proven that we are not the only Country with a fool at the helm!

As 4th July celebrations are around the corner, Americans across the world will be readying themselves for one of the biggest events in their family celebrations calendar.

In 1776, the USA declared its independence from Great Britain but whilst the event date was put into law as being the 4th July when the signatures were added to the Declaration of Independence, the remainder of the signees did not apply their John Hancock until 2 August 1776.

Today, celebrations take place in every Town and City and generally are centered around family entertainment including BBQ’s and family reunions and there is generally some sort of firework show on offer which will be either local government or nationally funded. However, some of the biggest companies in the US, like Macy’s hold a HUGE firework display in celebration of the event which is reported on across the US. Many of the shows will include patriotic music including the Star-Spangled Banner, Dixie (in the South) or Yankee Doodle (in the North East of the country). There is also the ‘Salute to the Union’ which is carried out by the Presidential Salute Battery which forms part of the US Infantry Regiment and one round is fired for each State and the event takes place in Arlington National Cemetery.

Some of the events are like re-runs of events of the time of the signing of the Declaration and there are even areas of the States that are wholly dedicated to the history of the period.

Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia houses a town which is a living history of the time and they have a cast of helpers who will take the public through what happened leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and actors will portray the likes of Thomas Jefferson and numerous other residents from the time who are being faithfully depicted.

4th July #Fireworks #PassFire

Firework events will be taking place across the States but here in the UK they are a little thin on the ground but if you are in the mood for a big celebration event for your family and friends, there are some taking place particularly around London.

Here is some of the entertainment on offer:


Includes of course BEER, an American BBQ and live music to get you in the mood.


Since 1992, The Big Easy in on-trend Chelsea has been holding this event. If you just love sticky BBQ ribs and fancy a challenge, get along and munch away.


Sunday 30th June – this annual event attracts thousands of ex-patriots along to enjoy the festivities. Fantastic food concessions, music, entertainment and of course the chance to pick a spot and enjoy a picnic.


Not necessarily a place that I would especially associate with the US but, it is reported to be great fun. Saturday, 1st July, there will be fun, games and entertainment including American Football, cheerleading, classic fairground rides and great food from Spitfire BBQ. With live entertainment throughout, there will be plenty to see and do (they even have an Elvis tribute act!).

Of course, if you are planning a 4th July party of your own and want some top quality fireworks to enjoy in the evening, we are delivering all over the UK (to numerous customers both domestic and armed forces events) so get your order in as soon as possible and we can add you to the schedule.

So, have a great and more importantly safe 4th July and we hope you have a great time, wherever in the World you are.


4th July Celebrations

happy 4th of july Fireworks

Its just 15-days to go until the USA celebrates in style for the fourth of July. Independence day has been celebrated in one form or another since 4th July 1776 when the second meeting of the Continental Congress signed the final draft of the Declaration of Independence.

Following the signing of this historic document, patriots cheered and celebrated but it wasn’t until 1777 that bells rang, guns were fired, candles were lit and fireworks started their journey through the ages, not synonymous with 4th July everywhere.

Unfortunately, the War of Independence dragged on, stifling some of the celebrations but in 1783, the war ended leaving the way open for the speeches, military parades and fireworks to take place.

In 1941, Congress declared 4th July as a National Holiday.

Nowadays, the party atmosphere is a little less austere and based upon families having the opportunity to spend time together taking part in some of the more traditional pastimes like; pageants, picnics, baseball games, watermelon eating competitions, trips to the beach etc. The food on offer will traditionally include hot-dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, apple pie, coleslaw and salad and the occasional clam-bake.

Historic towns like Boston (tea-party) and Philadelphia (where the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place) are set to host some of the Country’s best and more family-focused events.

The Boston Pops Orchestra holds a televised concert on the banks of the Charles River, featuring American music from across the ages ending with the 1812 overture written by Tchaikovsky. Performances from Jennifer Hudson, The Roots, Queen Latifah, Daryll Hall and more. The night will be rounded off with an incredible fireworks finale over Philadelphia’s Museum of Art.

Over in Philadelphia, the night will be lit up with a spectacular fireworks show set to Sesame Street music making the Independence Day fireworks truly memorable. The fireworks will be lit immediately following the neighbourhood street party parade at around 9:00pm.

All across Philly, there are events taking place including a number of music concerts, the one to take place on 4th July to be the biggest of them, which is the largest outdoor concert in the USA.

So, wherever you are celebrating in the US or here in good old Blighty, we can help you to celebrate your country’s independence in style with top of the range fireworks which will wow your family and friends.

Open 7-days a week (except Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day) we will be only too happy to help. With on-site fully trained specialists and more than 20 years experience, we have something to suit every pocket and every taste.