The Great Conspiracy

The first of our larger packs aimed at a more discerning audience looking for a shorter, but punchier display. Here we have created a pack with pure quality of performance in mind – larger fireworks and more wow for your money. The ‘Conspiracy’ pack is guaranteed to outshine any other pack available for £250. With the 80 shot ‘Thunderous Finale’, this raucous, fast-paced firework will keep you engaged for nearly fifty seconds, with unique sound effects and massive golden flowers, add the sky filling 100 shot ‘Wild Horses’ and your party is certain to end with more crackles and bangs than Rio’s Grand Carnival!


London Millennium Fireworks

Since the advent of the Millennium in 1999, fireworks have been a major feature of the London New Years Eve celebrations and continue to do so to this day.

In 2003, the planners decided to fire the pyro from the London Eye. The display costs an average of £35,000 a minute (yes, that’s a not inconsiderable £583.00 a second).

There was a gap of a couple of years in 2002 and 2003 and in 2004, cost-conscious London reduced the display to only 3 minutes.

Until 2010, the fireworks were not choreographed to music but in 2011/12 the fireworks heralding in the Jubilee Year and Olympic hopes were bigger and better than ever.

We hope they continue for many years to come but if you are looking for fireworks, whether for New Year, a birthday, anniversary or product launch, get in touch and we will discuss your budget and requirements.


Launch Kontrol for safer fireworks

Launch Kontrol has been developed to make the use of fireworks as safe as possible. The chances of injury are greatly reduced by using this system.

It allows the user to stand at a safe distance and ignite fireworks without having to use port fires or other methods requiring the user to run back and forth between ignited fireworks.

Remember fireworks may smoulder before igniting fully

Commands are delivered using an infrared signal. There must be a line of sight between the receiver and transmitter for the system to operate.

Each firework is connected to an E Clip which in turn is connected to the receiver. The transmitter sends the signal which activates the receiver to send a small electric current to ignite the clip and thus ignite the firework. This all happens in the blink of an eye and can be done from a safe distance.

Once used the E Clip is inactive and cannot be used again.

Replacement E Clips are available from Epic Fireworks


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