Why Choose Epic Fireworks

Why Choose Epic Fireworks

The Largest Wholesaler of Fireworks In The UK

The Largest Range Of Fireworks In The UK: Epic fireworks hold in stock a HUGE range of fantastic fireworks to suit everyone from a full display for the general public to the small garden party. We have the following in stock:

19 selection boxes
16 roman candles
18 mines
16 fountains
13 wheels
14 1.4g rocket packs
10 1.3g rocket packs
24 HUGE single rockets
4 massive rocket volleys
38 1.4g single ignition barrages
104 1.3g single ignition barrages
and 24 DIY display packs from collection only at £24.95 to delivery/collection packs from £295.00 to £2000.00

Open All Year Round – 7 Days – 10am – 5pm

The Largest bespoke Fireworks Showroom In The UK

Established Over 20 Years

Free Delivery on all orders over £295.00 including VAT

Online Store – our website has all our products listed and video footage of 99% of the products currently available

Custom Built Packs Available – if you have a budget we can help you to achieve a FABULOUS show without breaking the bank

Free Parking

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Fireworks For All Occasions – including Wedding Fireworks and New Year

Best Service – friendly and expertly trained staff will help you in any way

Lowest Prices Guaranteed – we keep our prices low ALL YEAR ROUND


Liquid Fireworks

It’s raining Fireworks!

This beautiful medium gives you the effect of fireworks using very clever lighting and water. The effects include all the colours of the rainbow reflected off the falling water and this is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to fireworks, particularly where they would not be appropriate.

There are a number of ‘Liquid Firework’ companies now but the original idea was brought to the forefront of entertainment by a team of men from the Isle of Wight who have created some staggeringly beautiful displays.

The brainchild of a 1930’s German inventor Otto Pryzstawik he brought the concept of musical fountains to the world and in 1964, his son took the idea to the USA and ‘Waltzing Waters’ was born and everything else is history. Now they have outlets in Scotland and in the Isle of Wight where their business continues to grow, attracting custom from across the world. The Sultan of Brunei was so impressed he had a musical fountain display when he celebrated his 50th birthday.


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