Never play with fireworks

Over this past 4th of July weekend while folks of the nation were firing up their BBQ’s and celebrating their independence, we were working diligently to collect and record very valuable data on the mischievous, insane and completely out of control rabbids! We were able to catch one of these crazy hares trying to infiltrate a local celebration and discovered one very interesting fact…bunnies cannot play with fireworks! Could a simple roman candle by the answer to saving civilization as we know it? What actually IS their favorite color smoke bomb? What we do know is that when it comes to your average bottle rocket war, these bunnies aren’t the brightest sparklers in the pack. So many questions remain.


Homage to V for Vendetta

Th full trailer for v for vendetta from iTunes. If you haven’t seen this movie do so it will change your life! If not read the graphic novel(comic book) it’s a wee bit different but just as amazing.

And here is our pyrotechnic interpretation 🙂

It is hard to comprehend the range and magnitude of extravaganza brought to you in this colossus of a firework display. With the ‘King of Colour’ with its triple bursting shots, and the ‘Jabberwocky’ sending out huge bursts in fan formation with effects at several heights and the beautiful ‘Air force’ with its giant gold willow bursts hanging like tinsel in the night sky – a hand-picked assortment of the biggest and most lavish pyrotechnic effects from the best manufacturers in the industry. Truly magnificent and monumental in every aspect never challenged, never matched, never beaten!!


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