Olympic Fireworks were faked!

Beijing Olympic opening ceremony 'faked'

Organisers feared it would be too difficult to capture each footprint live so inserted computer graphics for viewers at home and in the Bird’s Nest stadium Photo: KENT NEWS

As the ceremony got under way with a dramatic, drummed countdown, viewers watching at home and on giant screens inside the Bird’s Nest National Stadium watched as a series of giant footprints outlined in fireworks processed gloriously above the city from Tiananmen Square.

What they did not realise was that what they were watching was in fact computer graphics, meticulously created over a period of months and inserted into the coverage electronically at exactly the right moment.

The fireworks were there for real, outside the stadium. But those responsible for filming the extravaganza decided in advance it would be impossible to capture all 29 footprints from the air.

As a result, only the last, visible from the camera stands inside the Bird’s Nest was captured on film.

The trick was revealed in a local Chinese newspaper, the Beijing Times, at the weekend.

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2008 New Year Fireworks, Sydney

Australia, of course, being 12 hours ahead of the UK kick off the New Year celebrations and it is the starting point at which we start our countdown. Always spectacular, the Australian’s know how to party. They always have a family display for the children at around 9:00pm and then the big display kicks into action as the clock strikes 12:00 midnight. The first New Year’s Eve display was held in 1996 and continues to grow in size year on year.

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Mario – That’s not a firework!

Here we have the 2 famous Italian plumbers.

Mario sits looking skywards waiting to see the fireworks for the 4th July.  However, poor Luigi has got hold of a stick of dynamite, thinking it to be a firework.  Needless to say there was lots of BOOM but not much of anything else left afterwards.

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