New for 08: Atomic Tornado

Atomic Tornado

The incredible Atomic Tornado from Marvel Fireworks provides massive fanned volleys of colours and extremely loud bangs, firing 9 shots at a time from 30 mm bore tubes (the maximum legal size available in the UK), this is no storm in a teacup!

Beginning with gorgeous red glittering willows and beautiful brocade crowns with twinkling green falling stars, it moves on to electric blue peonies and silver strobes. Leading back into golden brocades and finishing with lovely clouds of delayed crackling.


New for 08: Aerial Atom

EpicFireworks - Aerial Atom 37 Shot Barrage

Super loud bangs and very pretty colours from the Aerial Atom by Marvel Fireworks. This monstrous firework has huge breaks that throw out vibrant multi colours in every direction. Sunshine yellows, bright greens, sea blues and cherry reds are just some of the fantastic rich colours of glitter that spread across the sky and twinkle and flash as they descend. This is a superb addition to any firework display and in particular to any display that is seeking beautiful colours and loud, loud bangs!


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