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A great way to start the New Year as the UAE break another World Record for the second year on the trot and they didn’t just get the one – this year they went for the double.

The scene of the all the firework furore was the Capital City of Ras Al Khaimah (aka RAK or historically it was known as Julfar) which is one of the 7 United Arab Emirates attempting to raise its profile on the World stage as a go to holiday destination to rival Dubai or Abu Dhabi as a fast-growing leisure and commercial hub.

The team in charge of the pyro was the World-renowned Fireworks by Grucci who have been in the pyrotechnic business for over a hundred years and today are fifth generation firework specialists.  They are no strangers to the World Record stage as they were responsible for the super shell launched on New Year’s Eve last year, gaining the region the accolade of Guinness World Record for the biggest firework shell launched.

This year, they were initially going all out for the longest straight line of fireworks but decided to include the record for the longest chain of fireworks too.  11,284 fireworks were used and the event lasted 12.06 minutes and included seven themed chapters to the show which also featured 200 drones flying above in the night sky, depicting a falcon spreading its wings majestically.

The display took 300 hours to design with more than 40,000 lines of computer code resulting in the UAE lifting both titles.

Having achieved awards for the last 2 years it does make one question, what could they do to top this next year – we will have to wait and see but our warmest congratulations on the fabulous display and the resulting awards.




Once again, the skies over the beautiful Al Marjan Island will be lit with fireworks, both in celebration of the coming year and in this case, another Guinness World Record attempt.

This year the region will be trying to lift the title of World Record Holder for the Longest Straight-Line Firework Display. The current record, according to GBOWR is an incredible 11.83 kilometers but the event on New Year’s Eve in the UAE is set to blast this out of the water.

The line will be measured from the first bank of fireworks to the last with each station not more than 2 kilometers apart and each site firing at least 300 kilograms of pyro and the attempt MUST last a minimum of 5-minutes.

The beautiful City of Ras Al Khaimah is trying to raise its profile on the world stage in a bid to make it THE go-to destination to try to compete with the more popular places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Plans are for the display to last 12 minutes and will be under the control of the professional firing team from Fireworks by Grucci. They were also responsible for last New Year’s Record-Breaking Shell launch beating the size and weight of the previous winner by a considerable margin.

There are viewing areas all around Al Marjan Islands as well as a choice of family orientated activities which will be open from around 5pm including food trucks, ice cream salons, lemonade corners, live music and performances and face painting for the kids. The shopping mall will also be open for those of you desperate to do a spot of buying.

We will, of course, bring you the news and whether the attempt was successful in the New Year and in the meantime, a very Happy New Year from all at Epic Firework.


Massive Fireworks Planned For United Arab Emirates National Day

<UAE National Day fireworks

WHAT: UAE’s 41st National Day Fireworks Display
WHERE: Abu Dhabi city and Madinat Zayed
WHEN: Saturday 1st December 2012 and Sunday 2nd December 2012

The night sky over Abu Dhabi and Madinat Zayed will light up with a series of stunning fireworks display this week to mark the 41st National Day. The height of some of the fireworks will be in excess of 150 meters and the 7-minute show on December 1st on the beach will feature some old favourites like comets, horses tails, volcanoes and some shells before going onto a number of synchronised 10-minute shows of up to 600 meters in length. Crowds in the tens of thousands are expected to join in the celebrations from 8:30 onwards.

The event, managed and choreographed by UK based WRG Creative Communications and Groupe F, one of the leading International Event Management agencies will coordinate the shows along the Corniche beachfront in Abu Dhabi which is set to feature more than 17,000 shots in the display from a variety of watercraft and on land.

National Day is a celebration for every person in the United Arab Emirates so making sure that everyone in the area can see the displays has been quite the challenge. The spokesman and General Co-ordinator of this fantastic event is Sultan Al Muhairi who said ‘Everyone loves fireworks and these tremendous shows will light up the sky in a sea of white, red and green and let everyone – nationals and expatriates alike – celebrate the spirit of the union’

All of the displays are set to an original song Ya Khalifatna (our Khalifa) inspired by the classic UAE song, ‘Zanaha Zayed’ which was a massive hit is 1996 and written by poet Arif Al Khaja

There are other National Day events which are still to be announced shortly and will include activities to keep all the family entertained including Emirati theatre shows at Abu Dhabi Theatre, a two-day Sailing Regatta and a one-off Cultural Festival at the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village on National Day.

For the petrol heads, there is also a display including thousands of creatively-dressed cars and 4x4s as they vie for a share of the ‘Best Decorated’ vehicle competition.

The exciting programme of events is set to also include superstar singers from across the Arab world will perform Khaleeji concerts at Abu Dhabi’si National Exhibition Centre.

The video below is taken from United Arab Emirates National Day 2011

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