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More than 1 million spectators packed the foreshore of Sydney Harbour for this epic event of all ages. The spectacular firework display, choreographed to music, costs in the region of $6 million Australian dollars and is the responsibility of the Foti Fireworks.

2011 New Year Fireworks, Sydney, Australia

The Foti family is one of the original Italian Firework families who have been in the business of manufacturing and displaying fireworks since 1793 and professionalism and safety are at the core of everything they do. Eight generations of Foti have passed on their vast knowledge, love and passion for pyrotechnics and one of their mantra’s is ‘no pyro, no party’ which we have to say, we totally agree with.

Happy New Year... Welcome 2017

Last year, in an unprecedented error, the organisers of the light show inadvertently displayed the words ‘Happy New Year 2018 ‘ in error, but to be fair, this was not under the control of Foti Fireworks.

Here is what you can come to expect from this year’s event:

7pm – Fire Tug Water Display – spraying gallons of water into the sky which creates a magical sight before the setting sun.

7.30pm – Country and Smoking Ceremony – carried out by the indigenous Gadigal Elders – an aboriginal clan of people who welcome the world to the celebrations and offer purification ceremonies for the forthcoming year.

8pm – Aerial Flying display by Matt Hall, a 3rd generation pilot who formerly worked for the Royal Australian Air Force as a fighter pilot and latterly an instructor.  He also won the Red Bull Air Race World Championships in July and will thrill spectators with his death-defying abilities.

8.30pm – Pylon Projections and Lighting Effects – there will be a full light show projected onto all the buildings on the shore and harbour front.

9.00pm – Family Fireworks – this is the first of the firework events and a pre-cursor to the main event at midnight. The fireworks will be launched from barges on the Bay and from the Sidney Harbour Street.

9.08pm – Calling Country – a ceremony with live performances from the indigenous people’s representatives and concert at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

9.15pm – Harbour of Light Parade – all the shops and watercraft in the Bay area are decorated with colour and light in this enchanting choregraphed event.

12.00 – Firework Display from the Sydney Harbour, bridge and surrounding structures which will be televised around the World.

Last year’s countdown on the bridge was brilliantly done and the display met with rapturous applause.

A very happy New Year to all out Antipodean friends.



As you can appreciate designing a world class fireworks display takes years of experience, months of preparation, practise and a dedication, checking daily for new innovations in the pyrotechnic world to enhance your display and make it stand out from the rest, so when we heard about this we got a little excited.

02 Sydney NYE Fireworks 2015

As many of our regular viewers to our blog will be aware, the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney Harbour, hold not just one display but two; the main display is fired at midnight but earlier in the evening at 9pm a more family orientated show is fired for the younger children, most of which will be in the land of nod by midnight.

Held in association with Australia’s ABC3 TV network some lucky person will be offered the chance to design the show and have their name in the history books.

We assume the competition is open the Auzzie’s only but this is not mentioned. Simply watch the video, design the fireworks you would like the whole world to see and upload your pictures to

Best of luck to everyone and pass me my coloured pencils!


Sydney NYE Fireworks 2014/15

Australia is the first place to televise the welcoming of the New Year fireworks around the Globe and year on year it gets more spectacular.

The event is paid for by the local Sydney Government and it brings in a staggering a 156 million Australian Dollars to the local economy.

The fireworks show for New Year in Australia’s heartland are split into two sections, the first of which is a family event which takes place at around 9:00pm to enable the parents to show the children a beautiful fireworks display before hopefully settling so that the adults can enjoy their celebrations.

The pyrotechnics are the brainchild of Foti Fireworks who are one of a handful of ‘first families of fireworks’ of Italian heritage established in 1793. In 1952, Celestino Foti emigrated to Australia, having been a prisoner of war there in WWII and started off with Vulcan Fireworks before eventually taking ownership of the company with his son Sam in 1969 and he never looked back, staying in the pyrotechnics field right up until he sadly passed away following complications after he received an injury in 2001.

His family continues with the family tradition and I would have thought that by this stage, seven generations later, the pyrotechnics are in their genes!

Sam Foti, Master Pyro-technician, trained in Japan with the best of the best in their field and he actually holds the record for the biggest shell ever made and launched in Australia. It was a massive 24 inch “Silver Kamuro with Multi-shell Pistil” which weighed an incredible 80kg and took 6-weeks to make.

Of course, the first time that Foti did the fireworks was back in 1964 (50 years later and still putting on the best show in the World!!) and they continue with the tradition to this day and go from strength to strength.

The firework stats are impressive:

$156 million to the Australian economy
1 BILLION watch the midnight fireworks Worldwide
The technicians use an incredible 60 km of wiring (that is 196,850 feet of cable!!)
45 firing crew members
100,000 individual pyrotechnics
25,000 shooting comets
11,000 shells

This year’s theme is ‘Inspire’ as the country embraces their multi cultural ethnic mix as they welcome in 2015 as a whole nation.

We will of course be bringing you footage of the event as it unfolds some 11 hours ahead of the start of our celebrations.

All the best for 2015 to our compatriots in the industry who will of course be working hard until the wee small hours to ensure that everyone across the world will have a New Year to remember.