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Tesco Vs Epic Fireworks. Star Fire Roman Candle Pack.

Tesco Vs Epic Fireworks - Star Fire Roman Candles by Standard Fireworks

The Roman Candle is the basis for a great many of today’s fireworks and is central to many a garden display on Bonfire Night around the UK. However, the cost of the humble roman candle can vary greatly as can the effects.

Once again we would like to compare pricing with Tesco Supermarkets for the beautiful Star Fire roman candle. The effects are varied: green comets, pink glitter bursts, golden crackle clouds and spiralling purple tails to name just a few all firing 5 shots per item.

Tesco price: £150.00 including VAT for 6 packs of 4. They are not available for sale separately.

Epic price: £89.64 including VAT for 6 packs of 4. We also sell them individually at our Head Office sales outlet at £14.94 per pack of 4.

So why would you not choose EpicFireworks when we offer great value for money, excellent customer service and good old-fashioned Yorkshire hospitality with a cup of tea or coffee on request.


Tesco Vs Epic Fireworks. Maverick Rocket Pack.

Tesco Vs Epic Fireworks - Maverick Rockets by Standard Fireworks

Epic goes all Price Comparison …. Again

The brilliant Maverick Rocket Pack is a brilliant little collection which includes a number of varied effects including red palms, crackle bursts, silver glitter ball and giant gold, purple and yellow starbursts and comets.

They are classed as 1.4g and require a 25m safety distance but still remain one of the favourite rocket packs in the Epic Fireworks range.

We were naturally very surprised to learn that supermarket giants Tesco are stocking these in their Bonfire Night range. However, their pricing is considerably higher and they are only available in full carton quantities and cost £150.00 for 6 packs of six rockets.

However, for exactly the same pack if you bought directly from Epic, they would cost you £89.64 including VAT, a saving against the Tesco price of £60.36!!

That’s enough to buy a Treason display pack and still have change left over for a pack of sparklers!! In addition, the Treason pack contains £135.94 worth of fireworks so a bargain all the way round.

So remember folks, Every Little Helps 😉


Todays featured firework: Top Hat Fountain by Standard Fireworks

Top Hat Fountain By Standard Fireworks

This is a new addition to the Epic lines and we are very happy with the feedback so far.

The Top Hat Fountain is a low noise fountain which is an unusual shape and excellent value for money. It has mixed effects and lasts around 95 seconds and is classified 1.4g. RRP is £9.99 and the Epic price is just £5.94 (inc. VAT) making it excellent value for money.

Some of the feedback from our customers indicates that the general public like this too:

• “WOW, extraordinary, genuinely gobsmacked at how good this little firework is”
• “Fantastic value for money, ideal for garden display. Varied, colourful and the blue is particularly vibrant”
• “I don’t usually buy small stuff but if you light 6 at a time in a half moon shape, it is a fantastic display”

If you are in the local area, why not pop along to see us in the showroom and get stocked up for Bonfire Night on 5th November.

We look forward to seeing you soon.