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19 Shots of Perfection

Mixed 19 Shot Cakes by Epic Fireworks

We stock some of arguably the best barrages in the UK.

Are you fed up of paying a fortune for the monster of a firework from your local retailer and it fires twice and gives up? Do you want high quality products at a very reasonable price? Are you having a firework display this year and are looking for some fireworks that you know you can depend on? Then look no further.

Epic have added a new selection of 19 shot barrages to their selection which will be the talk of the pyro industry this year. We already had some excellent 19 shot barrages contained in the Epic 19 A box: Maverick, First Dynasty and Fragma so we wanted to give some variety and came up with these little beauties:

Epic 19 Shot B Selection

Diablo – 19 shots with multi-coloured pearls which break into peonies of red, green, blue and pink with electric crackling tips and VERY loud reports. RRP – £34.99 EPIC PRICE – £17.45 (including VAT)

Dragons Dream – Dragon’s Dream 19 Shot. 19 large bore shots – Very loud reports when peonies of pinks, greens, blues and lilac bursts high in the sky ending with a huge triple shot burst of lilac. RRP – £34.99 EPIC PRICE – £17.45 (including VAT)

Serpents Bite – Serpents Bite 19 Shot. Pearls rise high then break into peonies of blue, gold, red & green ending with a triple pink and green star bursts and huge crackling clouds. RRP – £34.99 EPIC PRICE – £17.45 (including VAT)

Goblins Gold – Goblins Gold 19 shot. Flashing multi-coloured comets rise high into the sky and burst into massive brocade effects with sparkling pink, blue and silver glitter. Continuing to fire consistently big breaks until the finale break of four shots filling the sky with stars of all colours. These are brilliant either fired as a single or in multiples for an even more sky filling effect. Another of this season’s sure fire winners. RRP – £34.99 EPIC PRICE – £17.45 (including VAT)

Devils Den – The Devil’s Den 19 shot. 19 powerful Shots. A faster paced barrage of multi-coloured peonies which break into reds, greens & pinks with a silver electric crackle cloud finale and loud reports. RRP – £34.99 EPIC PRICE – £17.45 (including VAT)

Mad Monster – Mad Monster This is 19 shots of fast firing mayhem. Pearls break into massive peonies ending with a multi-shot strobing star finale. Loud and luscious you must include this in the middle of your display. RRP – £34.99 EPIC PRICE – £17.45 (including VAT)

So what are you waiting for? Come along to our Head Office in Tankersley (J36 M1) and collect some of these for your display this year.

Crescendo 105 Shot

crescendo 105 shot by epic fireworks

Epic Fireworks presents the amazing Crescendo, one of our best sellers with over 2000 units sold a year.

A powerful 1.3g single ignition barrage. 105 shots of brilliant loud bangs and crackles, accompanied by beautiful violet and blue mines with silver strobing stars, crackling comet tails rise into large multicoloured chrysanthemums with green, red and silver stars and golden clouds of crackling stars.

With a whopping duration this is a fantastic multi effect barrage with a steady and busy performance throughout and noise to boot is an absolute must.

No. of Shots: 105
Approx Firework Duration: 70 Sec
Firework Dimensions: 50cm x 38cm x 15cm
Bore Size: 25mm
Noise Rating: 8/10
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres
Vertical or Fan: Vertical

Here’s a load of firework videos and pics of the crescendo from some of our loyal customers :)

crescendo - beautiful

can you hear the rockets 'crescendo'

This Is A Flipping Crazy Load

are these all for me?

Big Barrages

More Epic Fireworks

BMW Full of Epic Fireworks

this car will have hidden talents

fill her up

all the way from leicester for diwali

now you see them

crescendo man

Craig's Mad Firework Stash

An Epic Fireworks Stash - Craig 2010

it looks like a great night at their house

now you dont

King Hell 107 Shot

King Hell by Epic Fireworks

The King Hell from Epic is a stunning V and W fan barrage with multiple 1.3g effects. Every year we go through over 1500 units during our busy firework season. The video below was filmed by one of our customers at a wedding display – watch out for the king hell :)

This fantastic SIB has been one of our main-stay of some of the best displays we have seen for the last 2 years. This majestic marvel is a sky filler to behold. The video below is of 1 x King Hell on its own.

They are best set off again in multiples but no film can truly do it justice. A multi-breaking piece that must be seen to be believed. It is loud and impressive and the colours are brilliant. The video below is 3 x king hell fired at once.

Rapid, loud, impressive and great colour with a well timed finale sequence. Definitely a talking point of any display and priced at half RRP you simply have to include one or two in this years Bonfire Night celebrations.

No. of shots: 107
Duration: 45 sec
Dimensions: 26cm x 38cm x 18cm
Bore Size: 25mm
Noise Rating: 8/10
Fireworks Classification: 1.3G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres
Vertical or Fan: Vertical

The firework video below is of 6 x king hell – all being fired all at once :)

Do The Job Right With Epic Fireworks

this will be a 'king hell' of a display

Diamond Jubilee Firework Party

chemical x

Epic Fireworks Customers

Big Andy From London

Epic Fireworks For Asian Wedding

king hell has it covered

2 x King Hell Epic Fireworks

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