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1000 ROCKET Launch Bike #ColinFurze

To celebrate 5 million subscribers to his channel we’ve had our crazy friend on the phone again, telling us of his nutty idea he has to make a …………. wait for it ………… A 1000 ROCKET LAUNCH BIKE!!!!

#ColinFurze #5M #EpicFireworks

With our jaws dropped just at the sound of it, we then proceeded to listen how Colin was going to achieve this. Using Epic Fireworks Rocket Volleys a bike and a few extra things this was all Colin needed for the mad scientist idea to go from his mind to bringing the idea ALIVE!!! #EpicFireworks #ColinFurze #5M

After not hearing anything for a few weeks maybe months we were excited to learn that Colin had completed this crazy idea!!

Giving his viewers a little sneaky peak on his you tube channel leaving everyone in suspense and let’s admit it a little excited to see
what the outcome is going to be.

And the video below shows the rockets blasting off 🙂

Check out more Colin Furze pics here on our flickr channel 🙂

"we created a monster paul" #EpicFireworks #ColinFurze #5M


Mythbusters. Hwacha.

The device under scrutiny is the Indian arrow launcher or fire cart. The Hwacha was a multiple rocket launcher used in Korea in the Josean Dynasty in the 14th to 19th centuries.

The fire cart was able to fire up to 200 rockets simultaneously which as you can imagine was quite a weapon at the time.

China then decided to restrict the exportation of gunpowder, resulting in the Korean’s beginning its own black powder production. This had a massive impact on the armies of the opposition particularly when the firepower was used against the forces of the Japanese samurai infantry.

The Mythbusters wanted to check out the feasibility of the Hwacha as a weapon and wanted to see if they could travel any sort of distance and explode on contact.

They loaded 200 tubes with the individually fused arrows and the team thought that this was the most exciting ancient weapon that they had created.

Tensions were high whilst they waited for the weapon to fire. All except a single volley fired successfully. This was the first time this type of device was used in hundreds of years and in spite of not hitting any of the ‘army’ of polystyrene men lined up on the field they were duly impressed as this was more to do with the aiming than the weapon itself.

A great attempt and it did prove that had the ‘army’ being on the advance, the Hwacha would most certainly have proved to be a devastating weapon.

We can’t wait to bring you the next adventure from the Mythbusters.