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Salute In A Car

Above, is an interesting video by our good friend David DeSafey from Pyro-Talk USA that really puts things in perspective.

The above video was deliberately made to provide training to new firefighters – the video below is called ‘the making of the salute in a car video’.

Please respect fireworks and do not try this at home.


Phantom Fireworks Warehouse Tour 2013

Our good friend Dave from PyroTalk in the USA has just released another awesome video.

Dave is given exclusive access and takes us to the Phantom Fireworks USA warehouse.

As you will see, the Americans do things a little differently compared to us in the UK.

Check out the video below.

Many thanks for this Dave 🙂

And here’s a sneak peek of one of our underground bunkers 🙂


Wyn Testing The Cakes In China

After inspecting the rockets at the rocket factory, Wyn’s next job was to visit the barrage/cake factory to check the production and quality of the tubes. The quality of the tubes is extremely important in barrages – if the tubes are weak then the chance of the firework malfunctioning is massively increased.

Check out the video below by our good friend David DeSafey from Pyro Talk in the USA, he explains a little more about the importance of strong high-quality tubes.

Here’s a shot video of a production line in China…

Wyn will make another trip to China in the middle of July 2013 to check the remainder of the stock before shipment.

It must be such a hard demanding job to go to China and light fireworks day and night……the entire epic fireworks team are full of envy 🙂