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Pyro Talk

Pyro Talk – I have just found this website whilst surfing the internet. It’s about a guy called Dave who is very very passionate about fireworks. You can follow his fireworks adventures with over 500 free fireworks videos on his website or his displayfireworks1 youtube channel.

Enjoy video categories such as professional 1.3 fireworks, consumer fireworks, fireworks projects, ground zero footage, tours of fireworks facilities, fireworks manufacturing and more. You can also visit the fireworks discussion forums that are part of his website to learn about the world of fireworks or share your knowledge with others.

Fireworks from all around the world are being discussed including professional fireworks firing systems, computerized fireworks software, close proximity fireworks, special effects, firecrackers, fireworks manufacturing and loads more.

Keep up the good work Dave 🙂



The PyroSure Firing System

PyroSure Controller

Wireless Digital Firework Ignition System is incredible value for money.

A professional system for the smallest to the largest firework display.

Firing mode options including Manual, Semi-Auto and Project providing full synchronised musical playing choreographed displays with 2376 individual cues available for each controller.

Using the very latest communication technology PyroSure can deliver encrypted data packages reliably up to a range of 1.6 km.

All digital modules can receive, relay and transmit verified commands instantly providing real-time communication and responses instantly.

Capable of igniting hundreds of standard e-match from every cue.

Fully FCC and ETSI approved for worldwide use.

Epic Fireworks team opinion – The best firing system on the market by a country mile. 10/10

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Fiestas del Pilar

Fuegos Artificiales Fiestas del Pilar 2009

Brilliant images from the Fiestas del Pilar in the Spanish town of Zaragoza. This festival attracts about 1.5 million people from around the world every year on the 12th of October. Originally a religious festival based on a belief that Virgin Mary appeared to Saint James standing on a pillar. Like all good traditions it has evolved into a large drinking competition and everyone has a great time partying on the streets and enjoying the many sights and sounds of the celebration.

Fuegos Artificiales Fiestas del Pilar 2009

The party lasts for about 9 days normally and no one is left out of the entertainment, the many bars and restaurants around the town are full of revellers and the surrounding neighbourhoods contribute with their own fireworks displays. Throughout the celebrations there is music, dancing and drinking in good measures. If you are stuck on where to party this October get yourself to Zaragoza.

Fuegos Artificiales Fiestas del Pilar 2009