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Herrenhausen Firework Competition 2017


On Saturday 20th May 2017, the first display of this highly acclaimed German International Firework competition gets under way in the midst of the beautiful baroque gardens of Herrenhausen in stunning Hannover.

The vibrant firework displays always bring huge crowds of visitors to this magnificent firework festival which combines the fireworks show with a mixture of live and recorded music in a 25-minute long showcase.

The competing teams, the country they are representing and the date when the events are taking part are as follows:

Saturday, May 20th 18:00 – 23:30 – Spain – Astondoa Piroteknia

The Spanish company was founded in 1885 and still continues to manufacture high-quality display products used all over the world in their professional displays.

Saturday June 10th 18:00 – 23:30 – Austria – SteyrFire

SteyrFire is one of the largest firework display operators in Austria. They wholesale large volumes of fireworks all over Austria and provide professional shows for corporate events and special celebrations.

Saturday, August 19th 18:00 – 23:30 – England – Pyrotex Fireworx

Team Pyrotex from the UK have pretty much competed and won every firework competition out there. The family run business takes perfection to the nth degree and really have a special talent when it comes to designing the shows themselves.

Saturday, September 2nd 18:00 – 23:30 – Poland – SUREX

Surex is a professional firework display operator based in Poland and also supply consumer fireworks too. A family run business with a long history of explosives knowledge.

Saturday, September 16th 18:00 – 23:30 – USA – Rozzi´s Famous Fireworks

The world renowned Rozzi Fireworks is still a family owned and operated firework display founded in 1985 and is now run by the fifth generation. The Rozzi Fireworks family is one of the very few companies still manufacturing firework articles in the USA, using the original family chemical compositions and drawings, that has been passed down to the next generation.

On the evening of the last fireworks display the jury will announce the winner of the fireworks competition. Further information and packages can be seen blow.



Well, there is quite a weekend of firework events in store with events up and down the Country to satisfy even the most ardent of pyro lovers.

Yesterday, it all kicked off on the West Coast with the first of the displays for the World Firework Championships in Blackpool with the professional team from Australia’s Skylighter Fireworks. They have competed all over the World including the PIPC in the Philippines so they are no stranger to the pressure of competition. Unfortunately, the event will only be stopped if the weather makes the event unsafe.

Friday 9th September was also the start of the brilliant Pyronale in Berlin. Every year, pro firing teams from across Europe come together in this huge two-day event held at the Berlin Olympic stadium. Tonight sees representatives from France, Poland and Brazil filling the skies and on 10th September, Austria, Romania and Portugal fire in competition and whilst the votes are being cast and counted, organisers Flash Art will be entertaining the spectators with a finale show.

Saturday Sep 10th the second night of competition in Macau in China, in which UK team Pyro 2000 take on the mighty SUGYP who represent Switzerland in the skies over Macau’s waterfront. The theme is Bond and the fireworks have to be choreographed to the music track.

September 10th also marks the last in the season of the mighty Firework Champion events. This last one is at the beautiful Ragley Hall in Alcester, Warwickshire. Fantastic evening out for all the family, grab your picnic, blankets and a bottle of fizz and get along to this fantastic event in which 3 teams will compete for the champions title and the finale is supplied by pyro big wigs MLE Pyrotechnics.

There will be fireworks for the start of the annual illuminations event in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. This event has been ongoing since 1897 making this the 119th year it has been entertaining people from all over the country.

Over to the East Coast on Saturday, for the annual Scarborough Goldwing Light Parade; a one day event that raises thousands for Scarborough RNLI Lifeboats. All of the decorated motorbikes are there to see during the day so you can have a closer look at the beautifully customised vehicles before they parade along the North and South promenades before a beautiful fireworks finale on the South Bay Beach.

Finally, another of the Sussex Bonfire society events takes place this weekend; Crowborough Bonfire and Carnival. This amazing event has been going on for more than 7 years and free to attend. There will be various stalls and activities as well as fund-raising events for local charities. In the evening, there will be a parade with a Bonfire along with fancy dress events for all to enjoy. Get along and show your support.


The Knokke-Heist Firework festival is the oldest firework festival in Europe and one of the most prestigious awards available.  The event ran from the 17th August to the 25th August and featured professional firing teams from Italy, Philippines, Croatia and of course the UK.

First up, Lieto from Italy;  The track selection for the initial part of the display was Italian Opera which suited the firework effects perfectly before changing to the haunting track Only Time by Enya which added a hypnotic melody with some absolutely perfectly shells and glittering gold horse tails.  Then the track went onto an upbeat Volare which suited the remaining pyro beautifully.

Not as clean and precise as we have come to expect from Italy but there was absolutely no doubting the quality of the perfectly spherical blue peony shells.  Good effort.

Next to fire, Platinum Fireworks from the Philippines.  The track selections were random by any stretch of the imagination from In the Flesh from Pink Floyd to I’ve got the music in me from Kiki Dee but the opening sequence to Robbie William’s Let Me Entertain You was awesome.  There were some beautiful crossing rainbow comets and nice butterfly and jellyfish shells but they appeared a little out of time with the track.  Really nice but not in my opinion strong enough to beat the mighty Mirnovec or Pyrotex but we would have to wait a little longer to see the outcome.

Penultimate competitors from Croatia were the pro team from Mirnovec Pirotehnika.  Their opening track was the Grease Megamix which was really entertaining but there was a tube on the left which was clearly firing the wrong way and after that section, there appeared to be an incredibly long delay to the second track.  However, once the ABBA section got under way with the track SOS, it was delightful to see the S O S being spelt out in blue.  The fast firing rainbow coloured crossing comets was lovely too.  The finale; a sky full of huge willow breaks brought an end to a brilliant show which was clearly well supported by the crowd.

Final competitors; Pyrotex Fireworx from the UK; Now they are having a brilliant couple of years and are in the process of filling up their trophy cabinet in earnest.  They have already lifted the first place in the Italian Dancing Fireworks Festival and of course, the mega win at the PIPC this year so they were already on a high.

Another absolutely outstanding display from Pyrotex with a really clever track list; the display truly was a lesson in precision with some of the tightest firing I have ever seen.  The pyro and the music took the audience through an emotional journey and it was mesmerising with a symmetry second to none.  The whole of the show was astonishing and brought me close to tears it was so good.  Their groundwork is on another level and every conceivable shape was precise and timed to perfection and I particularly liked the rainbow coloured section with the rainbow peony bursts above.  Beautiful throughout.

The finale display was put on by organisers H C Pyrotechnics who again had a lovely variety of colours and effects and they were really clean.  The shape shells were gorgeous but some of the latter products in the display looked a little washed out.


1. Pyrotex Fireworx (U.K.)
2. Mirnovec Pirotehnika (Croatia)
3. Platinum Fireworks (Philippines)
4. Lieto Fireworks (Italy)

Knokke-Heist 2016 : Closing Fireworks

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