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Dubai Flow Motion and Fireworks

Once again Rob Whitworth has raised the bar big style.

Rob featured on the epic fireworks blog a while ago when we covered the DaNang fireworks competition, you can read about it here.

Recently, Rob has released a new video called “Dubai Flow Motion”.

Dubai Flow Motion from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

Rob spent around 90 days in Dubai to create this stunning masterpiece and of course filmed some fireworks.

Once again Rob, keep up the good work mate 🙂

The instagram video above is from Dubai National Day 2014.


More EPIC Firework Videos

The Epic gang have been busy looking all over the internet in search of some cool firework videos. Here’s what we’ve found so far….

1. We get close up to the action as we get a firers view of what goes into putting together a pyrotechnic display, filmed from a drone and with static cameras strategically placed to give the best view of the action.

2. 20 seconds of time-lapse fireworks from Australia Day.

3. The skies of Singapore by Lim tip lee. Another time-lapse film featuring the sky above the island of Singapore filled with fireworks.

4. The Shakrain festival, also known as the kite festival is celebrated in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 14th or 15th January. The daytime skies are filled with kites where contestants “fight” each other as they try to snag and cut each other’s kite strings, once the sun sets then fireworks fill the sky.

5. Liseberg ice festival ends with a huge pyro musical display.

6. The new Chevrolet Cruze fireworks edition trailer. The director attached a blow torch to the back of a new car to light the fireworks.

7. The super cool Heineken beer ad.


Drone Flying Through Fireworks Video

This is well cool – A quadcopter flying through a fireworks display.

Firstly, for those that don’t know what a Quadcopter is, here is the “Wiki Answer”. A quadcopter, also called a quadrotor helicopter or quadrotor, is a multirotor helicopter that is lifted and propelled by four rotors. Check out the example picture below.

Now, who remembers the guy who attached a camera to a rocket stick and filmed it from above?

Well, check out this awesome video below by DJI Phantom.

This crazy guy and his friends manage to fly the drone / quadcopter (with the aid of a GoPro camera) through the centre of the actual firework display without getting hit.

The results, a wicked video with some close-up action and slow motion firework breaks.


For those that are wondering about the music – ‘Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)’ by Arcade Fire.

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