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The Epic Fireworks DIRTY DOZEN are back in town!

For the last couple of years, customers have been asking about the original Dirty Dozen so we have brought this big BAD BOY pack for the 2018 season.

Packed with 12 enormous 1.3G rockets with huge sound effects, and the unique breaks of the stunning Puma, House Stark and Solar Flare to the stunning beauty of the brilliant Sky Thriller and Bang Tidy, these are a must for any display needing a WOW factor.

They each have an individual effect with a loud report and fill the sky with some of the best aerial action available in the industry. All twelve of these bad boys are half the manufacturers RRP and can be likened to a shell on a stick.

Check out the videos and each of these rockets are available as part of the brilliant Dirty Dozen pack or individually:

1 x Sky Thriller Rocket –
1 x King Rocket –
1 x Brocade Crown Rocket –
1 x House Stark Rocket –
1 x Eagle Rocket –
1 x Puma Rocket –
1 x Bang Tidy Rocket –
1 x Neon Rocket –
1 x Star Dust Rocket –
1 x Solar Flare Rocket –
1 x Heavy Metal Rocket –
1 x Phoenix Rocket –

Dirty Dozen Rocket Box


700 Rocket Mushroom #EpicFireworks


Colin Furze is, first and foremost, a really nice man (if a little crazy) and on reaching 6 million subscribers, he wanted rockets to celebrate the achievement so one call and a courier trip later, the fireworks were delivered, and he was ready to rock and roll once again.

His plan was to launch as many rockets as possible, but this, of course, was not going to be an easy task, but, Colin does tend to ‘think outside of the box’ (a few years ago the men holding the straight jacket would have been at the door). This creation was to be almost an amalgamation of two of his previous projects; the death star and the truck launch of rockets.

Firstly, how to launch these bad boys? He created a large ring of mesh for the top of the launcher and a smaller one below to enable the rockets to mushroom outwards. Then of course, once the base was secured and checked, how on earth do you light this number of rockets in one fell swoop and still maintain the ‘Furze-effect’?

#EpicFireworks #ColinFurze #6Million

This is where Colin’s abilities as a plumber come to the fore as he created a flamethrower for under the mesh out of copper to enable him to flash fire to the fuses. This he was going to light with a rocket, so he needed to attach a rocket to a rope which was to be launched towards the gas.

He carried out some extensive pre-testing etc to make sure he was not going to set Lincolnshire afire. He also wanted it to be high up so the JCB was to lift the mushroom up at the top of the hill (well, in Lincolnshire its difficult to find a ‘hill’ so it was more of an incline!) and waited for night to fall.

#EpicFireworks #ColinFurze #6Million

Once lit, it was clear that it was going to be a huge success, but Colin and his friends got out of there pretty sharp once the rockets started launching!

ANOTHER AMAZING JOB COLIN – here at Epic Headquarters, we think that your next project should be a Girondola.

All the rockets used in Colin’s video footage were supplied by EPIC FIREWORKS.


How Do You Light 300 Big Rockets At Once

To celebrate hitting 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers, our good mate Colin Furze wanted some fireworks.

For those of you who are not familiar with Colin’s past adventures, he is a world-renowned British inventor and holder of many Guinness world records, all round top lad and a bit of a nutter (in a good way).

One word of warning, Colin is a seasoned professional DO NOT attempt to try anything featured in the video unless you are 100% sure you know exactly what you are doing, we accept no responsibility for any mishaps.

Mentioned in the video is “E match”, for those not familiar with these, these are a non-pyrogenic (no explosive materials involved) electronic clip which is attached to the fuse. When an electric charge is sent down the wire, this creates a spark, lighting the fuse and hey presto the firework is lit, but at a cost, and not practical on this occasion.

The obvious choice for Colin, who thinks on a bigger scale to most of us, was ….. A flame thrower – a bit like the flamethrower used by Fireball in the Running Man movie.

So how do you light 300 big rockets at once ???

Check out the video below of the #EpicFireworks team and #ColinFurze mass rocket launch 🙂

Well done Colin – Keep up the good work.

More crazy pictures of the mass rocket launch can be found here 🙂

Read all about it –

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