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Atlantis Fireworks Photo

A photo from the £20 Million launch party of the Atlantis hotel in Dubai.

Opened on the 24th September 2008 this colossal hotel boasts 1500 guest rooms spread over 22 floors.

Over 100,000 Fireworks were used at the launch of the hotel, seven times more fireworks than used at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

Honoured guests who attended the event included, Charlize Theron, Shah Rukh Khan, Robert de Niro and Janet Jackson.

While the Aussie Diva Kylie Minogue, performed her debut concert with Nawal Zoghbi.


Celebration tips for weddings and birthdays

Proficient Fireworks Show for Wedding Parties and Celebrations.

Wedding receptions and birthdays are a great time to celebrate. It’s time for a party and you want to know how to make your wedding or birthday go with a bang. fireworks displays are ideal for such events and are an exciting way to end the special day. Surprise your guests with a fantastic show. It does not have to be expensive. professional fireworks displays are available for all budgets.

The key point when it comes to professional fireworks displays is that they are just that – professional. These types of fireworks show must be set up and presented by experienced, licensed pyrotechnic technicians, who should carry insurance that covers not only themselves, but the people who hired them. The insurance should also cover the property where the professional fireworks show will be held.

Expert fireworks show as part of wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate events, or other events can add a special flair. Guests of these events will be entertained and delighted by this added attraction, and the fireworks show will be something that can be remembered for many years – especially when they are caught on photos, DVD or video. For weddings, some of the wedding images could include fireworks displays in the background, making for impressive photos. This could also be done with birthday parties or family reunions, where trained photos are often taken. If you will be having a trained photographer at an event where there will be trained fireworks displays, be sure to communicate the photographer that you will would prefer photographs with fireworks in the background, as the photographer may need to bring along special lenses or filters to capture the fireworks effectively.


Night Vision Fireworks

Night vision fireworks are so cool.

This short video clip shows how fireworks look when filmed in black and white and they are quite lovely but still, many of the effects are lost because of the lack of colour. At the end of the clip, they turn the colour back on and it is a stark contrast to the ethereal tone of the black and white footage.

The black and white film shows perfectly the reflection of the fireworks against the water and the mystical way they reflect off the trees is just beautiful.