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When Will You Have Yours?

Come Back Guy Fawkes

There is always some discussion in regards to what date Bonfire Night parties will take place up and down the Country particularly when the 5th falls on a Monday or Tuesday.

From the sheer volume of orders that are already flooding in by phone and via the Internet, it would appear that opinion is very much split.

There are a fair number of people having their display on Saturday before, the 3rd November whereas it is evenly matched between the 5th itself and the following weekend with the odd smattering choosing the Sunday instead.

I think nowadays, with the accuracy of the weather forecasting (of course forgiving the Michael Fish for when he categorically denied that there was a hurricane on the way … when later that day it hit the UK in the South East and France with massive damage and loss of lives) we should have a fair indication a few days before about what to expect.

If you are going to a display on the 3rd and find it to be below par, you could, of course, consider coming along to Epic Fireworks clutching your dollars and we will put together some of our superb pieces to ensure that you have a brilliant one.

So whether yours is going to take place on the 3rd, 5th or the 10th, keep safe and warm and follow the fireworks code!!


End of A-Level Exams Firework Party

Last week our regular customer (Freddie The Pyro Man) came along to buy some fireworks for a small fireworks show to celebrate his end of A-Levels exams on 22nd June 2012.

Here are the firing order and the video from the display.

The firing order was as follows:
1) Rev Wheel
2) Multi-colour Atomic Mine
3) 2 x Typhoon Twister
4) Sky Lab
5) Iron Man
6) King Cobra
7) 2 x Raging Bull
8) Space Blaster (5 rockets) + Heavy Metal Rocket

All the best Freddie, and we wish you every success in your future studies 🙂

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