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40,000 FIREWORKS ….. Now we have your attention.

The Edinburgh Virgin Money Festival kicks off with music from Russian Composer Sergei Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet ballet, Bernstein’s West Side story among others and accompanied by 40,000 fireworks as performed by the Scottish Chamber orchestra starting at 21.30

Since 1984, Keith Webb from display firework specialists Pyrovision has fired the show each year. 2016 marks the company’s and Keith’s 34th show.

Tickets usually sell out quickly but due to the scale of the show there are many spots across the city to see the fireworks.
If you are unlucky enough not to have obtained tickets then head over to Inverleith Park where a big screen has been erected to save you straining your neck to the heavens as the show bursts high overhead.

Virgin Money Festival Fireworks Edinburgh

At 151 feet above sea level Salisbury Crags is also an Ideal spot for spectators but it does get very busy. For the more active, continue up to Arthurs seat; but with an 823 feet climb this is not for everyone. Bruntfield links is a very popular spot as is Calton Hill but again get their early for the better viewing spots.

At present the met office suggest the temperature will be around 16 degrees with a partly sunny/cloudy evening so all looks good but as this is the UK don’t rely on this so far ahead, make your own arrangements on the day. With an expected attendance of around 25,000 parking can be an issue, extra public transports links have been put in place for the event so I would recommend using these to get around and save some stress.



Back in March we brought you news of the 2015 Virgin Money Fireworks Concert which is held annually at the end of the Edinburgh Summer Festival which is the perfect blend of classical music and choreographed firework bursts.

Taking part on the last Monday of the event which runs from 7th August to 31st August 2015 is a celebration of everything from Theatrical, Classical and Contemporary performances of music, dance and opera. It also includes vocalists from all manner of genre including jazz, choral, barbershop quartet, operatic from around the World.

Alongside the Edinburgh International Festival runs the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which has been running since 1947. Initially, a merry band of theatrical performers arrived uninvited at the EIF and were refused the opportunity to perform. But, being thespians, a little thing like permission was not about to stop them so they put on a show on the ‘fringe’ of the event and so the concept was born.

Today, whilst the EIF focuses mainly on classical works including all manner of music and dance the Fringe is effectively for everything in between. Comedy, drama, magic, circus, variety and traditional dance including ballet all form part of the entertainment on offer. Whilst the big names will be out in force at all other events this is for those yet to hit the big time and the variety is indeed rich and varied.

The fireworks are the responsibility of Pyrovision who have expertly organised this display for the last eight years and use a wide range of quieter fireworks which are high on effect and lower on noise so as not to detract from the beautiful strains of the music. They launch in the region of four tonnes of fireworks into the skies over the beautiful Edinburgh Castle lighting it up in every colour and hue.

Sure to be an exciting display and remember, even if you cannot get to the Princes Street area, there are still a number of great vantage points around the City to gain a good view of the fireworks.

If all else fails, ask a local!

Full information about all the events is available on the official Edinburgh International Festival website.


Virgin Money Fireworks Concert 2014

WHAT: Virgin Money Fireworks Concert 2014
WHEN: Sunday 31st August 2014
WHERE: Edinburgh, Scotland

The annual Edinburgh International Festival has been part and parcel of the entertainment for the region since 1947 and it came about as a result of the need for people to gather together after World War II.

Originally billed as ‘The Edinburgh International Festival of Music and Drama’ the basic theme has changed very little over the years. The original organisers, Rudolf Bing, Henry Harvey Wood and various other gathered civic leaders decided that the festival was from the outset very much a case of where your imagination could take you and resulted in a number of ‘fringe’ events sprouting up which has in turn added another facet as these uninvited ‘guests’ created the incredibly popular Edinburgh Fringe event.

In addition to the MASSIVE Virgin Money Fireworks Concert, which brings the event to a magnificent close, there is music as diverse as the Polish Radio Choir who perform all over the World playing alongside the exceptional Ladysmith Black Mambazo, a male choral group from South Africa who perform in the traditional Zulu style and are multi Grammy Award winners and theatrical performances of the brilliant ‘Ganesh Vs The Third Reich’ to dance from the exceptionally talented Akram Khan with his combination of classical Indian Kathak dance with his contemporary dance roots.

The Firework Concert features some of classical music’s most instantly recognisable pieces of music. This year continues with their preferred ‘war’ theme and the music selections continue to reflect this.

Some of the featured pieces include:

• Ride of the Valkyries – Wagner
• Egmont Overture – Beethoven
• War March of the Priests – Mendelsson
• 1812 Overture – Tchaikovsky

The 1812 Overture was created in celebration of Russia’s win over Napoleon’s armies and The Ride of the Valkyries was used in the Disney feature film, Fantasia and parts of it were used in Star Wars as ‘incidental music’.

For anyone visiting, you have a number of options in store for seeing the fireworks. The best way of course would be to enjoy the musical performances and then remain seated in the best seats in the house to see the magnificent fireworks. Alternatively, there are standing tickets available for Princes Street Gardens which are considerably less expensive but you will have to get into place well in advance of the performances to ensure that you have a birds-eye view.

It will of course be spectacular and if you are lucky enough to get to visit the area, keep your phone handy for that video footage and we would love to see any shots you take.