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Walt Disney Pictures Fireworks Intro

Every child in the western world and in some less developed know the introduction for Disney Pictures. The ident is powerful and set in our hearts and minds from childhood as an indicator of a great piece of cinema history to come.

As some may have been fortunate enough to experience first hand, Disney has fireworks every day of the year. The only exception is down to the weather conditions and more importantly the wind direction and strength, as usually advised by fire officers in an attempt to not start fires inadvertently in adjoining areas.

Fireworks at Disney, however, are one of the main features of the parade but given that they display daily, and being environmentally conscious, they use a vastly more expensive perchlorate-free mixture in their firework composition which includes nitrogen-rich oxidizers.

In 2004 in further attempts to reduce their carbon footprint, they also changed from black powder to using compressed air to launch the fireworks which again reduced the number of airborne chemicals.

In whatever format, long may we continue to love the fireworks and of course, Disney.


An Insight Into The Fireworks In The Disneyland Park

Almost every night of the year there is a big beautiful fireworks display at Disneyland Park.

The daily show is the responsibility of John Bouman, Senior Pyrotechnician who has had a passion for fireworks since he was a little boy. With 20-years experience, he says that he loves his job as it’s like 4th July every day of the week.

He does acknowledge that fireworks can be very dangerous so should always be treated with utmost respect as they can be unpredictable and you don’t just work with pyro, you must have a working knowledge of computer programming, electronics, woodwork and be prepared to be wet, hot and generally run ragged with nerves, every day in case of a problem. The training takes around 2-years to be fully qualified.

When John started for Disneyland over 20-years ago, all the mortars were hand loaded and hand-fired using railway flares but today, they have moved into the digital arena and the fireworks are all fired and choreographed to music.

Some firework shells he accepts are a little hit and miss, especially circles as if they happen to go on one side, they look like a straight line.

The team consists of 7-members of staff and they use 1000 pieces per show and they check the setup and do a full computer check and see that the goods set up on rooftops etc are all safe to shoot.

After the show, he says that the only gratification that he needs is hearing the children squealing with delight and all saying how much they enjoyed the show. It really is hard work but very rewarding being a pro-firer.


… Fantasy in the sky

Children and adults alike from all corners of the World hold a huge fascination for fireworks and of course all things Disney so it comes as no surprise that almost every night of the year, Walt Disney World resorts hold a fireworks display over the iconic Cinderella’s Castle.

With the addition of some clever lighting and HUGE fireworks lighting the night sky, the magic and fantasy are brought to life. Effects include bright pearls, huge chrysanthemums, horse’s tails, stars, palms and brocades to name a few in this wonderful 9-minute display which is choreographed alongside some of the most iconic musical scores in the World and it just goes to prove that when you wish for stars, you shall see them.