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1000 ROCKET Launch Bike #ColinFurze

To celebrate 5 million subscribers to his channel we’ve had our crazy friend on the phone again, telling us of his nutty idea he has to make a …………. wait for it ………… A 1000 ROCKET LAUNCH BIKE!!!!

#ColinFurze #5M #EpicFireworks

With our jaws dropped just at the sound of it, we then proceeded to listen how Colin was going to achieve this. Using Epic Fireworks Rocket Volleys a bike and a few extra things this was all Colin needed for the mad scientist idea to go from his mind to bringing the idea ALIVE!!! #EpicFireworks #ColinFurze #5M

After not hearing anything for a few weeks maybe months we were excited to learn that Colin had completed this crazy idea!!

Giving his viewers a little sneaky peak on his you tube channel leaving everyone in suspense and let’s admit it a little excited to see
what the outcome is going to be.

And the video below shows the rockets blasting off :)

Check out more Colin Furze pics here on our flickr channel :)

"we created a monster paul" #EpicFireworks #ColinFurze #5M


Fire Tornado Rocket Launcher

'Fire Tornado Rocket Launcher' #ColinFurze #EpicFireworks

To celebrate the 4 million mark on youtube, our good friend, Colin Furze decided to celebrate in EPIC style… building a ’20ft Fire Tornado Rocket Launcher…

'Fire Tornado Rocket Launcher' #ColinFurze #EpicFireworks

Check out the video below :)

For the hard core Furze fans there is a limited edition t-shirt available.

'Fire Tornado Rocket Launcher' #ColinFurze #EpicFireworks


Fire Tornado That Launches Explosives Into The Air To Spectacular Effect


Deathstar Fireworks by Colin Furze

Our good friend Colin Furze, madman, inventor and all round classified lunatic, is absolutely smashing youtube to bits.

To celebrate the 3 MILLION subscribers milestone – His plans to thank all the people who have supported him and subscribed to his amazing YouTube channel – Colin decided to build the FIREWORK DEATHSTAR.

#ColinFurze #EpicFireworks #3Million

Check out the 3 million subscriber firework preparation video: He has created a frame to which the firework barrages are readily supported on the dome and then secured into place with the tie wraps. The contraption will then be hoisted up high in the sky and the fireworks lit. #ColinFurze #EpicFireworks #3Million

Can’t wait for the 4 MILLION :)