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The Incredibly Spectacular Dyckman Fireworks Co.

Having followed the exploits of the Veverka Brothers who have been around the World creating a documentary film about fireworks, we were thrilled to find that another short film has been created.

The Incredibly Spectacular Dyckman Fireworks Co. is a close up look at how one neighborhood in New York has taken celebrating Independence Day to another level.

The Upper Manhattan suburb of Inwood’s residents come together on the streets with their family and friends on July 4th to celebrate Independence Day away from the more popular Macy’s Independence Day Parade (which incidentally a number of them mention watching on TV before coming outside) and remain outside until the wee small hours.

In part, it appears to be a little irresponsible but as the footage shows there is a substantial Police and Fire Service presence creating a feeling of controlled madness and excitement but young and old gather together to await the fireworks which are launched from all possible sites.

There is no set up or safety plan in sight and a feeling of minor competitiveness as each person tries to outdo the last. The relaxing musical rhythm and the food being cooked all around creates a great evening out and long may it continue.


Celebrating the 4th July

When it comes to celebrating Independence, nobody in the world does it like the Americans; over 320 million people will be celebrating independence from British rule.

As 87% of Americans own barbecues, a lot of outdoor cooking will be done; around 150,000,000 hot-dogs will be consumed and over 700 million pounds of chicken.

41 million people will visits friends and family whilst approximately $25 million will be spent on fireworks in the states where fireworks are permitted.

A few little known facts:

• The Declaration of independence wasn’t signed until August 2nd with several delegates signing at a later date, two delegates, John Dickinson and Robert Livingstone didn’t sign at all.

• The original National bird of America was not the bald eagle but the turkey.

• In the Movie “National Treasure” with Nicholas Cage, the Actor plays a character who believes the document holds a secret invisible treasure map back on the reverse. This is of course fiction but the document does have a mysterious inscription written on the back of the manuscript upside down at the bottom of the page are the words “original declaration of independence 4th July 1776”, no one knows who wrote this or when, it is assumed it was written as a label for the first run off the press. The movie leads us to believe (as do most Americans) there is only one original document, but in truth there are a staggering 26.

• In 1989 a Philadelphia man paid $4 for an old picture frame, when he opened up the frame he found one of the few original prints of the declaration which he sold in 2000 for a massive 8.1 million dollars.

Whilst most Americans will be doing the whole patriotic thing a few others will be celebrating in their own way.

Down at Z-Burger In the nation’s capital, they will be embracing the American spirit of gluttony and are looking for big eaters to take part in their annual challenge, there are cash prizes of $1000, $750, & $500 with the same value in burger tokens for 1st 2nd & 3rd for the most burgers eaten.

For those with a penchant for black lipstick rather than red white and blue face paint, the Freaks United Festival, an annual gathering of Goths will be taking part at Ziegfeld’s down by the Nationals Park.

While others will be spending ten hours running through the city with “Goruck’s” (ruck sack) full of house bricks on their backs, all sponsorship will go towards the “Green Beret foundation”. If anyone is attending all three of the above festivities, you my friend must be EPIC.

If you are having a barbecue at home to celebrate with friends and family from the USA or indeed, just needed an excuse to have a party with fireworks, we have the biggest range of consumer fireworks in the UK in our bespoke showroom just off Junction 36 of the M1, heading Sheffield North. With prices starting from just a couple of pounds into the thousands, we have something for every budget and taste.


Football World Cup 2014 #EpicFireworks

There is little in this world that makes a football fan go weak at the knees in this Country but the World Cup is just the ticket for the fans of ‘the beautiful game’.

2014 sees the 20th World Cup get under way in Brazil on 12th June and it will continue until 13th July when the final is played and its all over for another four years.

The World Cup competition started in 1930 when FIFA President, Jules Rimet, after whom the coveted World Cup trophy was named, decided to host an international tournament with only 13 teams.

Today, the event starts with almost 200 teams from every corner of the World who compete during the two-year long qualifiers to win the chance to take part in the last 32.

Out of the 19 tournaments competed in since its inception the cup has only ever been lifted by 8 differing national teams. Of course anyone above 45 or so will remember fondly the magnificent prowess of the magnificent Pele and in latter years, Ronaldinho and Ronaldao took the reigns and continued in the same vein. Pele of course was on the winning side in 1958, 1962 and 1970 and the Brazilians have won the cup 5 times already and with their strong defensive side, they are tipped well for another win this year but of course the England squad may have other ideas.

Other teams have won it multiple times too and in fact our first match is against Italy who have won the cup four times already the second, against Uruguay who again have won twice so we definitely do not have an easy ride through the first round until the final match of the group against Costa Rica.

There are a few positives to holding the competition in Brazil not least of all that they are unlikely to come across much snow or rain but the heat will be restrictive so fingers crossed that steps in their training this has really been concentrated on.

England’s First Round matches are as follows:

14th June 2014 – England Vs Italy 23:00 hours
19th June 2014 – Uruguay Vs England 20:00 hours
24th June 2014 – Costa Rica Vs England 17:00 hours

If you are planning to have a World Cup party or indeed a few family and friends round for a beer to watch the matches on TV, why not get a few fireworks in to celebrate every win England manage along the way, we have something for everyone’s budget and taste.