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4th July Firework Celebrations

4th of July Celebration Poster - Epic Fireworks

With the 4th July just around the corner, it is of course of some concern to everyone in the States that there has been more and more legislation introduced which is impacting on the numbers of organised displays taking place to take the place of the formerly private celebrations which many used to have.

In the UK we don’t appear to suffer as much from the ‘Big Brother’ syndrome as the USA as we continue to hold the right to be able to fire our own celebration fireworks and most UK towns and cities have access to all year round suppliers, like Jimmy’s to depend upon. The rationale behind this according to Health and Safety is that businesses in our position have the right tools to be able to sell effectively and safely up and down the country without the necessity to have someone stood over us for every sale. The reason – simple – we, along with numerous other UK-based firework companies have the passion for fireworks but along with this we hold onto responsibility for the safety of our products both entering the UK from overseas and on distribution.

For most of you, when celebrations come along, you simply go along to your local/preferred supplier armed with details of the budget, size of the venue and the date and time of the event and we liaise with the customer to ensure that the goods are firstly suitable, that a responsible adult is in overall charge of the event and the place is suitable for the type of pyro in use. This is because the Health and Safety Executive in the UK appears to be able to create the right circumstances to ensure their confidence in the products on sale in the UK as opposed to the USA where no two regions have the same overall views on what it is that constitutes a good product from a great supplier and therefore have the right to use them removed. A little odd when you consider that the whole of the US has the right to bear arms but cannot be trusted to safely set off a beautiful piece of pyro or indeed to safely dispose of it afterwards.

If you are an ex-pat of the USA or indeed have friends or family coming over for the 4th, why not make this a trip to remember and hold your very own, safe and controlled fireworks display and celebrate the magnificence of 1.3g fireworks first hand. Our products are rigorously tested, safely transported and come with full safety instructions, safety lighters and set up plans to ensure that you continue to have what was originally fought for, the right to choose to celebrate the freedom of independence,

Happy 4th July 🙂

Jimmy’s fireworks is open 7-days a week and has a massive range of top quality products to make sure that any party will be memorable for all the right reasons. Call in or telephone and have a chat about your event, venue and budget and we will guarantee to save you money and ensure your products arrive with specialist ADR trained couriers to your doorstep.


4th July Spectacular for Macys

You would have to have been tied up in a cupboard for the last few years to not be aware of the USA’s Macy’s 4th July parade and fireworks show held annually, but this year’s will be even more special thanks to the musical direction from the brilliant and talented USHER.

Usher Raymond, using the concept ‘it begins with a spark’ will liaise with the team from Pyro spectacular by Gary Souza to create a pyro musical display which will, I am sure, wow the viewing public.

He is planning to score the music using inspiration from his own discology and newly written pieces along with hits from Rhianna, Swedish House Mafia and two of music’s late great legends, Frank Sinatra and Jimi Hendrix.

The 37th Annual 4th July Fireworks at Macy’s will be fully choreographed to a cache of 40,000 pieces of pyro artistry for a spectacular 25 minute show.

The event has not been without controversy though as the venue changed four years ago to the Hudson instead of the East River mapping Henry Hudson’s journey into New York. This was, as previously discussed meant to be a temporary arrangement but there is little indication of a move back.

Last year, the music was chosen for the display as a result of a Facebook campaign and whilst very good, it did feel a little like harking back to the 70s and 80s as most of the music featured was from around that era.

I am sure that whatever he puts together, you only have to take a peak at an Usher concert to see how OTT he can get and BLING all the way.


Muse Fireworks 2012 With David DeSafey From

This is a video from my friend David DeSafey from the USA. Dave runs an American firework forum called PyroTalk.

The video above a ‘set up in the daytime’ of the fireworks display taking place called “Thunder Over Muse 2012”.

A good friend of Dave’s is Joe. Every year Joe gathers donations from the local community to put on an epic fireworks display in his hometown of Muse Pennsylvania for the July 4th celebrations. Dave has helped Joe every year in organizing the fireworks display. The video includes setting up a 1.3 fireworks for a small community and Dave demonstrates different techniques of electric match and electronic firing.

The video below is the action from the night. Great show everyone 🙂

For all our American friends who would like to take the next step and buy 1.3 professional fireworks like salutes, Thunder Kings etc.? Then you will need an ATF license. Dave sells an awesome DVD application package that walks you through the procedure.