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Saturday 6th August 2016 sees the third in the series of competitions held at some of the UK’s most beautiful stately homes. This week, the competition will be held in the grounds of the stunning Belvoir Castle in Grantham, Leicestershire.

Belvoir remains the family home to the Duke and Duchess of Rutland and their children and the Belvoir Estate has been owned by the family for over a thousand years. The current Castle has managed to dodge the bullet in regards to major repairs since the last fire in 1816 and is open to the public for numerous corporate events, shooting and weddings.

The perfect place to take the family along with a huge picnic blanket and take in the sheer beauty of the place before the fireworks get under way just after 9.15 with a demonstration/tutorial about Category 4 pyrotechnics (professional use ONLY) before the competitors take their places.

The event is the brainchild of MLE Pyrotechnics who will be responsible for the finale show whilst the votes are cast and counted.

The teams competing at Belvoir Castle this year are as follows:


Based in Newport, Skydazzle is run by the whole family who share a passion for pyrotechnics. Today, fireworks and music are found with a number of events including shows, concerts and privately commissioned corporate events and the company have used all of their 30 year passion to great effect. The company have built up a great reputation and include clients like the Royal Marines, Barrett Homes and Great Western Hotels.

This will only be the second time competing at Firework Champions but Belvoir is one of the biggest in the series and they are going all out for the win.

Firing system: FireByWire.


Cambridgeshire based Kimbolton Fireworks is another long established family run affair which was established in 1964 by Reverend Ron Lancaster.

The company has an international client list which reads like a book of who’s who and they were heavily involved in the firework displays for the 2012 Olympic Games, London’s New Year Fireworks and Hogmanay in Edinburgh.

Kimbolton are the only UK company still manufacturing fireworks but they are EXCLUSIVELY for display company use as they have to be created under special licence and the handlers have to be qualified technicians. They make Gerbs (display fountains), Mines and Roman Candles.

Importers of a wide range of goods from across Europe and the Far East, they use these in conjunction with their own products during competitions etc.

The show has been designed by all the display staff who have each created different sequences and they will be firing with the FireOne firing system.


Based in Chelmsford in Essex, this incredibly busy team of specialists has been operating for a number of years now and their competition prowess continues to grow.

Firework Crazy has a vast retail/wholesale business alongside the professional display team who continue to delight everyone at events all over the country.

The display will be fired by Mark Priest using firing system PyroSure.

Belvoir Fireworks, 19th July 2008

10.40 Once all of the competitors have shown their wares, the organisers MLE Pyrotechnics take to the stage whilst the public votes are cast and counted. MLE’s display will not be subject to competition rules so you may see some really new and innovative pieces. The gates open at 5.30pm to allow people to get settled before the competition gets underway. You are welcome to bring along a picnic and take your positions for best views early doors. Camping overnight is available in the field next to the car park at £10 per adult per night.



Belvoir Castle Fireworks Results 2015

This last weekend saw the 6th running of the Firework Champions event at Belvoir Castle where each of the three competing teams battled it out in the skies over the stunning grounds.

Team 1 – Gala Fireworks

The first track – The Power of Love – Jennifer Rush – A nice opening to the competition from the Gala team who started with a beautifully symmetrical show which was a brilliant interpretation of the music to the fireworks.

Track 2 – Bang Bang – Jessie J – Upping the pace a little with this upbeat track there were some lovely silver crackling comet tails and huge shells and the track ended with a massive red centred glittering petal effect (looks like a huge daisy) a great mixture of colour and noise.

Track 3 – Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson (quell surprise!) – A re-appearance of the red tipped gold tailed comets which were lovely and their stunningly bright colours (the orange was absolutely gorgeous). Well paced with the music and some lovely effects. Great section.

Track 4 – Lacrimosa Dominae (Tearful Lady) musical piece which was AWESOME. Very emotive and absolutely perfect for a summers evening display in such a beautiful setting – the timing is spot on with the timing and the fanned pieces at the end were particularly lovely.

Track 5 – Time to Say Goodbye – Andrea Bochelli and Sarah Brightman – The groundworks on this portion were outstanding with some lovely bright reds. Timing was good and the ring bursts and falling horse tails were tremendous. A magical mixture of pyrotechnic excellence which was well received by the spectators and the finale was a lovely willow effect falling gracefully to the ground.

Team 2 – F1 Pyro

Track 1 – Red Warrior – Audio Machine – emotive music and great interpretation with the fireworks. The strobing glitter shells were the standout pieces – just lovely.

Track 2 – Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley – Not a track I would have chosen personally as a little too fast paced and the cadence changes throughout but kudos for using something off the usual list! Sadly, they suffered some set backs with technical issues at the beginning causing a long period of dark sky but they got over it and carried on in earnest until another couple of minutes in when it all went lala’s up again! The music seemed to have a mind of its own when it got faster and faster.

Track 3 – Sky full of Stars – Coldplay – another long delay before the firing started properly and the spectators sadly, were aware from the comments made. Again, never known to give up without a fight, they got on top of the issues and the effects were simply beautiful. The orange/gold horsetails (of which I am not usually a fan) were sublime as were the huge tipped palm break shells.

Track 4 – Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen – better transitions between tracks and no dark sky. Again, I was really impressed by the clarity of the colours which were incredible bright and the effects really loud too. I was particularly fond of the reds, oranges and golds on offer. There appeared to be a small discrepancy between the timings but some astonishing Hanwarimono double break shells and the blues and pinks were lovely.

Track 5 – For the Win – Two Steps from Hell – a lovely transition to between tracks and all running effectively and the strobing pink shells and titanium stars were lush. The pyro built and built to the finale with bright glittering stars and some spectacular fanned ground pieces till the sky filled with golden falling willows.

Team 3 – PDC Fireworks

Track 1 – Fantastic – Bruce Healey – from the first beat, the crowds knew they were in for a real treat as this perfectly timed display got underway. The shells were massive with silver and red glittering tips and some seriously good strobing ground works. Simply lovely section.

Track 2 – It’s a Sin – The Pet Shop Boys – lovely groundwork effects to kick off this section using an 80’s classic track which was on point all the way through. The multi coloured sweeping barrages were very nice indeed.

Track 3 – Palladio – Escala – Brilliant musical interpretation and the rise and fall of the track lends itself absolutely perfectly to fireworks. The green tipped crossed slices were super bright and it was altogether a busier display with less of the big shells and more groundworks. The shells they did have were MASSIVE and some with triple effects were truly gorgeous. Very very good.

Track 4 – Disney’s Reflections of the Earth – Gavin Greenaway – This theme tune from Disney’s ‘illuminations’ was very symmetrical and some beautiful red gold and green horsetails. The fanned ground pieces were very precise and the glittering centres of the shells were lovely.

The run over after the music was a little odd but a brilliant display nevertheless.

Whilst the votes were cast and counted, the finale was offered up by event organisers MLE Pyrotechnics and of course was absolutely beautiful.

From the first few bars of the first track, ‘We are here – The White Noise’ you were left feeling this was going to be pretty special. The crossing slices, with the huge shell burst in the middle, were just awesome and it just built from there. The sky was lit up with huge effects to the absolute delight of the crowd. The other tracks used were Afterglow by Wilkinson and Run by the lovely Leona Lewis which took us from fast and upbeat to a slower and much more emotionally charged display.

The whole show was faultless and mesmerizing throughout and the last couple of minutes just staggeringly good and built to the final Kaboom beautifully. The impressive spread across the sky was nothing short of magnificent and a perfect ending to one of the UK’s finest pyrotechnic events.

Once the last of the votes were calculated, the winners were announced:


The next Firework Champions event is the penultimate one for the 2015 season and is to be held at the beautiful Capesthorne Hall nr Macclesfield. Teams competing will be Spyrotechnics of Chesterfield, Skydazzle of Newport and Optimum Fireworks of Bradford who will be joined in the finale once again by the inimitable MLE.




This is the third of the annual MLE firework spectaculars for the entertainment of those in the Midlands and the North of the UK. Each event is in competition format with 3 teams battling it our for spectator votes to win a year’s bragging rights as they paint the skies overhead with beautiful colour and effects. The event plays host to over 8000 spectators, they use more than 4000 fireworks at a cost of around £60,000 and there are four 10 minute displays to captivate and thrill.

Belvoir Castle (pronounced ‘beaver’) was initially a Norman Castle during the English Civil war, which following on from an extensive fire was rebuilt under the instruction of the wife of the 5th Duke of Rutland during the late 18th century in the same Gothic style you see it in today.

The Castle has remained in the Manners family since the early 1500’s and it is currently home to the 11th Duke and Duchess and their five children. The castle and grounds are used all year round for weddings, shoots, film and TV locations alongside corporate events as well as the Firework Champions event.

The competitors at this year’s event are as follows:


The first display team firing are representing Gala Fireworks. Winners of the event here at Belvoir in 2013 and again last year at Eastnor Castle they are no strangers to the firework stage. Their orders book reads like a copy of Okay magazine with clients including 2014 F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, singer Leona Lewis, Paramount Film studio production and His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury to name a few. Last year was a great year for Gala having already lifted the trophy at Eastnor, the team went on to gain a very worth 2nd place at the British Musical Fireworks Championships in Southport. The team was even featured on the BBC News.

Good luck to the team from Gala Fireworks.


This crew has definitely got a busy year of competition ahead in 2015, having been invited to take part in the British Musical Firework Championships in Southport in October so it will help them to get some experience in the meantime. No strangers to the pressure of a big event, they were invited by Grucci to assist in firing the World Record winning display in Dubai on New Years Eve 2014 and while they understate their contribution, having cue’d up only 1% of all the pyro on the MASSIVE site which still left just under 5000 to set up!

They are also winners of Firework Champions events at Capesthorne Hall in 2011, Belvoir Castle in 2012 and Stanford Hall in 2013 so this will definitely be the one to watch carefully to see what they pull out of the bag this time.


The team from PDC lifted the silverware at last year’s Firework Champs held in the grounds of Capesthorne Hall proving that they are a force to be reckoned with. Their music choices are always excellent and vary from strong violins to pop or rock music and even some film/TV scores in there for good measure to keep it fresh and choosing the right pieces to ensure the sky is filled with light and effect in accordance with the emotion of the music. They even brought out the big guns with the theme to the hit Disney Film Frozen at Capesthorne to the delight of the gathered crowds.

Expect the unexpected as PDC stock the larger shells whereas most of the other UK companies only store up to 6 inch ones.

Whatever the outcome of the competition, one thing is for sure – everyone is in for a treat. Get along there early as the gates open at around 5:00pm and there are interviews with the teams at around 9.00pm and a computer fired demonstration display at 9.15 before the competitors take centre stage.

As always, voting opens at 10:15 and closes at 10.30 and whilst the last calculations are taking place, organisers MLE Pyrotechnics will provide the closing larger display before the winners are announced around 10:40pm

There are always facilities on site including of course the prerequisite concession stands but the majority of people take picnic food along to the venue and take position early evening to ensure that they get a premium spot. There will be children’s entertainment on offer with bouncy castles and fairground rides and background music throughout the day.

Information about camping or taking a gazebo onto the site at Belvoir Castle is available via the Firework Champions website.

Take some snaps and videos and send them along to us here at Epic as we would love to see them.