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4th July Fireworks And Pets

Fireworks are enjoyed year-round by people to celebrate the 4th July, but can be a source of fear to many animals.

This is not necessarily something which has to cause problems for the pet owner provided they take some precautions in respect to finding them somewhere they feel safe.

Making sure that your cat or dog has somewhere to hide and that importantly they have access to this area at all times. This may be a cupboard or under the bed but it must be readily available.

We recommend that you walk dogs during daylight hours and keep cats and dogs indoors when fireworks are likely to be set off. At nightfall, close curtains and put on some music to mask the sound of the fireworks for your pets. If your pet shows signs of fear, try to ignore it as this can compound the issue. Leave your pet alone unless they are likely to harm themselves.

Sounds scary – In the long-term, your dog needs to learn to be less afraid of noises and therefore may benefit from a treatment offered by the RSPCA called sounds scary. It’s a CD based therapy to lessen the impact of noise on animals.

If you are going out to a display, just ensure that your pets have a safe haven, with their favourite toy and close all curtains, blinds and doors to lessen the impact of the noise and lights.

If your display is going to be in your own garden area, you could consider going for quieter firework selections to lessen the impact and again, try to keep them inside and out-of-the-way of the children and other visitors as animals can be very unpredictable when they are afraid.

If you need help or advice on which of the Epic lines are best suited to pet owners, please get in touch.




As we all know, America is a BIG country and according to one US website, the population as we speak is around 325,000,000 this figure does not include the 6.3 million Americans based in other countries across the world.

In the 2011 census it estimates 177,000 American ex-pats reside in the UK. The majority of Americans based in the UK are Military personnel, the largest cluster based near to the R.A.F bases of Mildenhall & Lakenheath, make up almost 18% of the population of those areas. Although we speak the same language, (sort of) there are many differences between the two nations.

Many Americans believe you can only purchase fireworks in the UK in November and for New Year’s Eve, definitely not the case as we sell fireworks every day of the year except Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day.

A recent survey of what Americans like about the UK threw up some surprising results. The top ten things liked were:

1. Our accent: American’s simply LOVE the British Accent (even when it’s pure Yorkshire).

2. Hospitality: It may be the case that the further north you travel, and the better you will be welcomed, Yorkshire folk are world-renowned for our friendliness.

3. Sincerity: Americans who vacate to the UK, have the impression we are a shy, quiet race, stiff upper lip and all that, but happily find that is not the case, if you receive a compliment from a Brit, you can be sure that it’s genuine.

4. “Gun culture” or lack of it: Firearm related deaths in the US at present number around 33,000 in the UK it is just 68, don’t bring your guns with you, you won’t need them here.

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5. Humour: Our sense of humour is on the list at number 5, which was a surprise; I didn’t think they got it…

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6. History: Americans love history and what they find incredulous is that in most of the UK there are buildings in villages that outdated the age their country!

7. Royal ties: “Have you met the Queen” was a question I was asked more than once in my time there. Americans love our Royal family just as much as we do.

8. Europe: Links to Europe which was number eight on the list. When you consider that in the US, the territory is so vast they have 6 time zones (counting Hawaii & Alaska) it amazes them that they can be in Paris, France in 2hr 15 minutes whereas in some parts of America it can take you that to get to the next town!

9. Grocery stores: If you have ever been in a Walmart or similar in the US you will have noticed, they are massive. On average, a Walmart store will have 197,000 square feet of retail heaven, some as big as 260,000 square feet, the average for the UK is 2,400 square feet. So it was a shock to learn they prefer our smaller outlets and find them more homely.

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10. And finally Bonfire night and fireworks: The laws regarding fireworks in the UK are a lot less severe than in the USA. For example, US fireworks are limited to 500 grams of powder, whereas some of our bigger barrages contain over three times that amount. Our Awaken boasts 1.8 Kg of high quality 1.3G powder. (Please note – If you are resident in Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York, fireworks are banned to the general public).  

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In fact, there are very few states that have as relaxed laws as we do. We are able to let off fireworks any day of the year between 7am and 11pm with extensions on certain nights such as New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and bonfire night.

Although we cannot export to the US, we regularly get requests to supply Americans over here for various occasions from weddings to birthdays and of course the fabulous forth. So, why not make the best of the time while you are here so when your friends tell you of their 4th of July experiences, just remind them how powerful the pyro is over here, and literally blow them away.


Calling all American Ex-Pats

The USA celebrates independence from Britain 238 years ago and there is no indication of this joy waning anytime soon.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had an unprecedented number of orders from all corners of the UK wanting fireworks for their friends, family and loved ones either who are ex-pats or visiting on holiday. From US airbases to teachers who have been over in ‘Blighty’ for some time the orders are rich and varied and the one thing that makes fireworks in the UK better than over in the states – we are allowed more flash powder than they are! So, if their biggest barrage contains 500 gm of flash, ours contains almost 2 kilos of explosive.

The biggest of the bunch is the Ultimate Devastation which launches 200 shots in 35 seconds and packs an incredible 1900 grams of powder (explosive power) and at half the RRP it is everything it should be, BIG, BRIGHT, BOLD AND INCREDIBLY LOUD – Just the thing for your 4th July celebrations.


If you are holding an event to celebrate Independence Day, get in touch with us immediately to ensure that you will receive them in time.