The fanned cake is very similar to any other firework being made up from a number of tubes which essentially are numerous roman candles affixed to one another at an angle resulting in shots being fired either in sweeping or straight fans.

They can either be a full fan where each is a bank of shots that fill the air either sweeping from start to finish like the awesome Tracer Bullet to a full expanse fan like the Lightwaves Barrage.

Here are some of our top fanned cakes:

FESTIVAL OF LIGHT – £64.98 – 25 second duration – 9/10 noise level – 50 shots

This cake sweeps left to right and has a great impact as it is VERY fast firing. Multi-colored peonies throughout this definitely have to be seen first hand to fully appreciate the bright colours.


KING OF THE JUNGLE – £99.96 – 60 seconds duration – 9/10 noise level – 168 shots

An arch of colour and noise this has great ground and aerial effects that fill up the sky. A great cake with a long duration which is packed with red, green and gold with a few blue hints. A beauty which with superb timing and at a minute duration, a great standalone piece or as part of a bigger display.

SPECIAL EFFECTS – £64.98 – 40 seconds duration – 9/10 noise level – 50 shots

This z-shaped fan fires banks of 5 shots of huge red-tipped fizzing palms which hang in the air – big, bold and above all, BEAUTIFUL.

HUMMING HORNETS – £9.98 – 30 seconds duration – 6/10 noise level – 28 shots

Small in stature it may be but it more than makes up for this shortcoming by being one of the best-selling pieces in the EPIC range. With red, green yellow and blue colours, it brings a smile to everyone’s face and the fanned multiple shot finale makes it one for any occasion. Check it out and turn up the volume on this sonic cake (as I said it is not loud) and listen … I cannot see this one without smiling!