In today’s pyro market the customer is the driving force behind what suppliers create over in China. From a need to have a selection of quieter fireworks to a display in a box have all been formed to meet needs. Nowadays, the more discerning pyro lover want to also create a show in stages where they have control over colour specifics and of course effects.

Here at Epic, we have listed our top five single effect firework cakes.

FIRE SNAKE – 100 SHOTS – 26 SECONDS – 5/10 NOISE – COST £4.98

The Firesnake has been featured in our range for some time and is still a firm family favourite. This pen lid barrage offers up 100 whistling and crackling effects which wiggle and squiggle into the sky. A great value for money little cake which is fast and furious and being a single-effect piece, it is great when fired in multiples and will fit into any display.

ARMISTICE – 100 SHOTS – 42 SECONDS – 9/10 NOISE – COST £49.98

The Armistice was created specially to mark the anniversary of the end of WW1 category.

Combining charming ground and aerial effects this cracking firework is deeply rich red with a crackling ground effect and the aerial shots break to fill the sky with peony effects.

Being a single colour and single effect makes this barrage unique and it would be ideally placed in the latter end of any display and the finale volley is a crescendo of reports with a sky full of stars – Beautiful.


You get the best of both worlds with this beauty which combines the spinning wriggling snakes which whistle their way upwards. Great value for money and a winner for both Bonfire Night or any other family celebration.


NAPALM – 19 SHOTS – 33 SECONDS – 9/10 NOISE – COST £19.95

This bad boy was added to the Epic range in 2018 and it features in our bigger display packs. The effect is absolutely huge and captivating. Beautiful vivid blue pearls shoot up and burst into a massive golden palm effect. Definitely a must-have for all pyro freaks.

GOLD WILLOW – 50 SHOTS – 40 SECONDS – 8/10 NOISE – COST £64.98

An Epic favourite which fills the sky in a fanned formation with slow falling glittering stars.

The Gold Willow is huge so you will need plenty of room to show it off to its full potential. A must-have and great for celebrations and is by far our biggest selling wedding firework.

Gold Willow Fan Cake #EpicFireworks

So there you have a selection of just some of the single ignition barrages in our range but if you want to check out the rest, we have 137 to check out and each has its own video for you to see first hand.