On the event of the 88th National Day in Saudi Arabia, what better way to celebrate than to try to beat the current Guinness World Record of the most fireworks launched. This was set in Inglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) in the Philippines on 1st January 2016 when they used a staggering 810,000 fireworks which lasted for over an hour, despite the torrential rain.

Over in Saudi, they set off 900,000 fireworks in just 18 minutes, but it was not only the amount of pyro making heads turn as 300 drones created the largest ever National Flag which was a staggering 400 x 300 metres using lasers mounted on drones.

The pyrotechnics were set up from 58 platforms across 20 Cities in Saudi on Sunday Night ably set up by an incredible 1200 crew members from all over the World including some very fortunate professional firers from the UK.

A stunning display and a beautiful use of drones which just added to the joy of the event.