Back in March, we brought you the latest on the Passfire team from the USA, led by Jesse Veverka and his team who have made the second season of the documentary about fireworks around the World.

In season 1 we followed them on their global trip, checking out the traditions and love of pyrotechnics, whether for competition, religious celebrations or just for the pyrotechnics. They showed us Maltese shells, Galician rockets, Maltese wheels, Japanese artistry and pyroheads from around the world.

In Season 2 they spend more time with the pyrotechnicians who fire these beautiful creations, learning more about what it takes to be a pro-firer, the weeks of planning for weeks and months to ensure the general public continue to love fireworks from the Thrissur Pooram celebrations in India to being behind the scenes with Foti Fireworks.

Due for release shortly, it shows us all the fascination that pyrotechnics still hold around the world.

Updated Passfire The Series: Season 2 Trailer

Updated Passfire the Series: Season 2 trailer! Join us for a new season Passfire, the documentary series about fireworks culture across the globe. The DVDs are at the duplication house, the t-shirts and hoodies are getting printed, Indiegogo rewards will ship shortly, discs will be avaiable for pre-order soon and online distribution will start next week!

Posted by Passfire on Tuesday, July 17, 2018