Today, lighting fireworks by hand today is becoming ‘passe’ even for the garden variety pyrotechnics. Once upon a time, it was a long and laborious job, today it can be made simpler and some might say safer using a remote firing system. But here lies another issue –  INSTRUCTIONS!

Now with most men, instructions are, to coin a phrase for amateurs, what is the outcome of pressing the wrong button? FIRE ALL means exactly that – fire everything at once.

This video, created by Tom Scott, YouTuber and former colleague of our own nutcase Colin Furze, shows exactly what happens in you fire all the pyro for what would have been a pretty awesome timed display, lasting in the region of around 10 minutes, all explode in ten seconds. Brace yourselves, it’s going to be loud!

As the products used in this example are professional display fireworks, the team from Titanium Fireworks (the team who thrill us all with the New Year display in London annually) were on hand to set up and fire this display.

Badaboom – enjoy!!