It is not commonly acknowledged that celebrating New Year with fireworks is a relatively new concept having really developed since the arrival of the New Millennium. Today, the firework industry receives an additional little boost with the purchases of fireworks to ‘let in’ the new year.

On New Year’s Eve you are legally allowed to light fireworks which must be finished by 1am on New Year’s Day. This year, we have added a couple of new compound cakes to our range to go along with our firm favourites to ensure that your night goes off with a BANG!!

Check these bad boys out:

· STAR FACTORY – This bad boy pumps out massive breaks and is probably one of our loudest single ignition boxes.

· CONSTELLATION – A beautiful 200 shot barrage with a fast firing fan finale.

· GLOBAL THUNDER – A massive 14kg single ignition cake with a 2 minute sky filling duration.

· EARTH SHAKER – 2 minutes of mixed aerial effects.

· PANDEMONIUM – 500 shots lasting 90 seconds and ends with an awesome finale.

They all have a running time of anything from 1 minute to 2 minutes but they are all light once and retire.

I would also add that all these products can be delivered to any UK mainland address for £20.00 so check them out and either give us a call or order online to be the envy of all your neighbours this New Year’s Eve.

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