And the winner is…

Throughout the year, as self-confessed firework freaks, we like to bring you the news of any firework competitions and festivals going on around the World.

In April 2015, the annual Malta Mechanized Ground Firework festival got under way for the 9th year. This is a competition/festival like no other as the teams combine fireworks and fabricated metal with mechanized chains which ‘move’ the pieces in ever more intricate ways.

Being unable to attend (as we were in China at the time) we waited for the video footage with bated breath and we were not to be disappointed. The showdown was complete and the overall results were as follows:

1st place Qrendi St Mary’s fireworks
2nd place Lija St Michel Fireworks Factory
3rd place Fontana (Gozo) Fireworks Association

The winning creation was offered up by St Mary’s Fireworks Qrendi. A HUGE fabrication which begins its display looking like a huge sun expelling beautiful gold sparks which changed to a bright white/silver before the centre lit up in green strobes before the outer circle changed to strobing red. This changed again into a pulsating red and gold flower to gold glittering centre to the final colour changing star – Beautiful, intricate work and well deserving of the first prize.

They were all equally captivating and until we can actually get over to see them ourselves, here is the winning piece in action.

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