What To Do In An Emergency?

Common Sense (186:366)

We hope this never ever happens to anyone, but in the back of your mind, you must ask yourself, what should you do if somebody is injured by fireworks at your event?

Here are some tips on ‘what should’ and ‘what shouldn’t’ be done:


– If a firework has got into the eye(s), the first thing is to stay calm and do not panic.

– If an object is in the eye(s) or punctured the eye(s), do not try to remove it – this could cause greater damage. If you can find a small paper/plastic cup (or something very similar) to cover the eye(s), this could provide protection until you get to the hospital/casualty.

– Do not rub the eye(s). Although this may seem like a natural reaction at the time, it may make the injury even worse.

– Do not delay medical attention even if you think it’s a mild injury. Seek medical advice ASAP.

– If the injury affects only one eye, we recommend you cover both eyes. The reason for this is that it helps reduce the eye movement – as the uninjured eye moves, the injured eye will try to move too, which could result in further damage.


– If the burn(s) is a 1st or 2nd degree (the colour of the burn usually tells you – red, blistering, but not black or charred), then the usual course of action is to stop the burning process as quickly as possible with cold water – but make sure it’s not ice-cold water. If running or bottled water isn’t at hand, then you can use a clean cloth to cover the area but be careful not to exert too much pressure on the skin.

– If blisters form, do not puncture them, this could lead to infection.

– If you are going to cover or wrap the burn, be sure you do not use something that has lint or traces of cotton that can get stuck to the skin. The best bandage to use is a sterile gauze – most modern dressings will almost all come in a pre-packaged sterile wrapping with a date code to ensure sterility.

– Watch closely for signs of infection (increased pain, fever, oozing from the burn). If you have any concerns, seek medical advice ASAP.

Further advice on what to do when you are burned by a firework can be found here.

Fireworks can be a beautiful way to finish off the 4th July, bonfire night or a wedding day. But at the same time they are extremely dangerous and must be treated with respect at all times.

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