Nissan GTR Vs Firework Rocket

FFF or Fast, Furious and Funny presenters Colin Furze and Alexandra Legouix head down to trackside to determine which is the faster: The Nissan GTR or a consumer rocket.

Both, of course, were very fast but on this occasion, the rocket gained a couple of feet to win the contest but not by as much of a margin as one would expect.

We previously featured a similar dilemma when Richard Hammond of Brainiac and Top Gear decided to check which was the faster between and golf ball, a rocket and a Honda Fireblade (1000cc motorbike).

Although once again the rocket won, the margin was relatively small once again.

I personally can’t wait until someone comes up with a vehicle (road legal) which can beat the rocket.

Nissan GTR Vs Sky Thriller Rocket

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