Launch Kontrol by Wire. The Next Generation.

Launch Kontrol Next Generation - Launch Kontrol

Launch Kontrol by wire has been designed to provide the cheapest, remote option for consumer or Professional firework ignition.

2 Boards 1 Battery - Launch Kontrol

It is based on a 4 cue panel board powered by a standard 9v battery.

Board Firing - Launch Kontrol

It has an arm button, continuity test and 4 individual Fire buttons all illuminated.

Clip Connected - Launch Kontrol

Boards can be connected in series. The first board will act as a main panel and arm and check continuity of every board.

Clip Open Fixed Pivot - Launch Kontrol

Cues can be Fired in any order.

The clips use our original non-pyrogen hot wire technology. Copied by many companies and used by tens of thousands for safe remote, firework ignition.

Clip Wire Boards - Launch Kontrol

These newly improved clips have a solid pivot point so that the two halves cannot be easily separated.

In addition, these clips have a plug connector, wiring can be used over and over with only the clip head discarded. As a result, the cost per clips will be a fraction of anything else on the market.

The wiring of the board for the display out to the fireworks will be by means of off the shelf, copper CAT 5 or Cat 6 cable.

Clip Wire Held - Launch Kontrol

The rear of the panel is flat and suitable for own branding. This has to be the coolest pyrotechnic promo item anywhere.

Says Mike Knox of Launch Kontrol UK – more photos and videos to come soon on the epic fireworks blog.

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