Testimonials By The Dozen

I love the daily emails we received after people have had their event reaffirming our belief in our product again with feedback a plenty from customers new and old.

This morning was just such a day … got up, scraped the windscreen and travelled into work to open up my emails with bated breath …. And there they were, all in a little row down the page with a quick précis before the message with more than our fair share of WOW, GREAT STUFF, FABULOUS, WHAT A NIGHT and just plain THANK YOU.

Some are completely fascinating, especially with the ones where they have sent in video footage which has not been edited at all … kids squealing in delight, mums saying be careful and other than that ooohs and aaaahs a plenty but occasionally some really do take your words right out of your mouth.

One of our regular customers, Professor Stephen Hawking once again thanked us for the fireworks and had a truly great time with his family and friends on Saturday Night. Here is a short extract from his testimonial:

We had an amazing firework display and party with them on Saturday night. Professor Hawking really enjoyed them”

Another which comes to mind was held on Saturday evening by a father who was a little worried that every year, families were buying random products from all manner of different outlets and the quality was so varied and as a result it was particularly difficult to create a ‘display’ from them.   So instead of doing the usual, this year the parents decided to take matters into their own hands and contact Epic.

His comments were as follows (verbatim) from his testimonial:

“Having decided to stop parents from bringing random dangerous fireworks to our annual bonfire night, i decided to pool their contributions into a single order from Epic. Frankly, one of the best decisions i’ve ever made –  Absolutely awesome fireworks.

From me, all the children and parents who came last night and all the local parents who hunted me down in the school playground this morning, a massive thank you for a very epic display”. 

And, onto the final one for this piece and the final one this morning (some would rather that their comments remained private) came from a community event organiser who wrote:

“Thank you again for a marvellous selection of fireworks, video below

Over 2000 local Nuneaton residents enjoyed a fantastic evening and each year we continue to attract more visitors.  Over the last four years the display has gained the reputation of being the

“Best Firework Display & Family Night Out” in Nuneaton.  Thank your Jimmy and all your staff”.

Thank you to all the customers who have commented and those who have yet to have their displays.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your custom, your patience and understanding (especially those queuing on Saturday) and above all thank you for making this Bonfire Night season the best yet.

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