Firework Video. How Sparklers Are Made.

Perhaps one of my favourite things of all is a sparkler and we thought that this most innocuous of items, the humble sparkler.

Sparklers consist of a chemical mixture into which a rigid metal wire has been dipped. The chemical mixture or ‘slurry’ mix is composed of potassium perchlorate, charcoal, sugar (for fuel) and additional metal flakes (aluminium fines or granules). If you want ‘coloured’ effect sparklers you will need to add strontium nitrate for red coloured and barium nitrate for green.

Once dried, the sparkler will burn for around 1-2 minutes.

Although this pretty little piece is perfectly safe when used correctly, over 2/3 of all accidents around Bonfire Night are directly related to sparklers.

The video shows from start to finish how sparklers are made.

Enjoy 🙂