Green Fireworks in Sydney

Spending New Year’s Eve in Sydney? Really? You lucky devils!

Well, if you really are lucky enough to spend a New Years Eve in Sydney you will be privy to a completely eco-friendly fireworks show.

Fireworks traditionally contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment and pretty toxic to the public as well.

Researchers recently developed new pyrotechnic formulas that replace perchlorate with nitrogen-rich materials that burn cleaner and produce less smoke, meaning a more planet friendly display!

Sydney has promised a green fireworks show (that’s green as in environmentally friendly, not all the effects are green, that would be crap).

The city welcomed 2009 with a carbon neutral display and the City of Sydney council ordered a carbon audit into it’s all New Year’s Eve activities.

More than a million people show up for the famed Sydney fireworks every year, so go early and stake out a great spot on the Opera steps or the Circular Quay and prepare for a serenely green show!