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36 Barrels

£395.00 (incl. VAT)

RRP £835.62

One of our best-selling DIY display pack and every year we don't order enough!

The 36 Barrels firework display package has been designed with pure quality of performance in mind – 59 top quality fireworks and more wow for your money.

PLUS, more free fireworks when you collect from our head office :)

1 x Screaming Spiders
2 x Quick Fire
2 x Venom
2 x Dark Thunder
2 x High Voltage
2 x Action Zone

2 x Magnum Force
2 x Spectrum Sky
2 x Mission Control
1 x Moving Target
1 x Heavy Duty
1 x King Cobra
1 x Humming Hornets
1 x Dr Thrust
1 x Red Ball Head Rocket
1 x Blue Ball Head Rocket
1 x Green Ball Head Rocket
1 x Torpedo Rocket
1 x Hurricane Rocket
1 x Typhoon Rocket
21 x Mega Rockets
5 x Thunder Blast Rockets
5 x Heat Seeker Rockets
16 x Portfires
2 x Safety Goggles
1 x Firing Order
1 x Safety Instructions
1 x Set Up Plan
3 x Rocket Launching Tubes

Free gift valued at £115.94 when collecting from our head office

2 x Mini Missiles 225 shots
2 x Sky Lab 25 Shots
2 x King Rockets

36 Barrels Firework Display Specifications

No. of Shots: 740
Approx Firework Display Duration: 10 - 15 Min
No. of Fireworks: 59
Noise Rating: 8/10
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres
Vertical or Fan: Vertical and Fanned

Review by Jess Rogers
Posted on 23/01/2011

Fantastic, loads of smaller barrages but still really big on bangs a must for anyone, you will never buy from anywhere else after purchasing from epic fireworks

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