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£79.96 (incl. VAT)

RRP £201.33

This is a beauty and offers excellent value for money for the larger garden display to thrill your family and friends. The 1605 includes 56 fireworks including both ground and massive aerial effects.  

The pack includes Ballistic Blaze box by Standard Fireworks containing a wide ranging variety of items including fountains of multi coloured stars, whistles, flowers and crackle and barrages of crackling and coloured tails to multi coloured stars and lights.

We also give you 3 packs of varied effect rocket packs which can be fired intermittently throughout the display. For your finale, we have given you some of the best Epic barrages to thrill the audience. The Dr Thrust offers you a wide array of aerial effects and the Humming Hornets wll draw many comments from the crowds due to the strange sound effects that dart, whistle and screech in all directions.

1605 represents the Year in which the Gunpowder Plot took place and we hope that the fireworks we have chosen for you to celebrate this Epic event will thrill your gathered family and friends. Being Epic of course, they are less than half of the retail price saving you well over £100.00.

12 x Supreme Rockets
5 x Super Starburst Rockets
5 x Space Blaster Rockets
1 x Balistic Blaze Selection Box
1 x Humming Hornets 28 Shot
1 x Air Power Roman Candle Pack
1 x Sky Blast Roman Candle Pack
1 x Dr Thrust 25 Shot
4 x Big Shot
4 x Ice Fountains Pack
5 x Coloured Sparklers Pack

Free gift valued at £9.99 when collecting from our head office

1 x All Jazzed Up 32 shots

1605 Firework Display Kit Specifications

Approx Firework Display Duration: 20 Minutes
No. of Fireworks: 56
Noise Rating: 5/10
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres
Vertical or Fan: Vertical and Fanned

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