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  :   Hysteria 29 Shot


The 29 shot Hysteria barrage from Black Cat Fireworks. This is a good duration firework with a variety of effects including, red stars to strobing peonies, fanned comet tails and green stars, yellow and blue peonies with golden crackles. Red crossettes with strobing stars and fanned blue comets to golden palms and a finale of a giant golden willow burst.

RRP - £59.99

EPIC PRICE - £35.95 (£29.95 + VAT)

Carton Quantity: 1 x Hysteria
No. of Shots: 29
Approx Firework Duration: 59 Sec†
Firework Dimensions: 20cm x 22cm x 32cm †
Bore Size: 25mm†
Noise Rating: 5/10†
Firework Classification: 1.4G†
Safety Distance: 25 Metres†
Vertical or Fan: Fan

Hysteria 29 Shot£59.99£29.9620.00%

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  Customer Testimonials
by barry chuckles

"beautiful. great colours, really nice red glittering stars and good blues. the finale was stunning a..."
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