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  :   Maverick Rocket Pack

The Maverick Rocket Pack by Standard Fireworks.

Six high performance rockets with mixed effects, view the firework video below.

Check this out for a price comparison - Tesco Supermarket Vs Epic Fireworks :)

RRP - £24.99

EPIC PRICE - £14.94 (£12.45 + VAT)

Maverick Rocket Pack Specifications

Carton Quantity 1 x Maverick Rocket Pack
Total Length of Rocket: 87cm
Rocket Head Diameter: 40mm
Noise Rating: 7/10 
Firework Classification: 1.4G 
Safety Distance:  25 Metres 

Maverick Rocket Pack£24.99£12.4520.00%

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1/1 5 of 5 Stars!

  Customer Testimonials
by steven walsh

"at less than £2.50 each these are really nice to get things going, nice mixed effects a real bargain..."
   Watch Maverick Rocket Pack in action