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  :   Brothers Companion

A Brothers Pyrotechnic firework selection pack of six fountains and five single ignition fireworks that will keep you and your friends hopping.

This wide ranging variety of items includes fountains of multi coloured stars, whistles, flowers and crackle and barrages of crackling and coloured tails to multi coloured stars and lights.

Superb value and top quality fireworks from Brothers Pyrotechnics. Watch the fantastic fireworks below.

The Brothers Companion Selection contains the following:

1 x Energized barrage
1 x Elegance barrage
1 x Luxurious barrage
1 x Glamorous barrage
1 x Desire barrage
1 x Passionate fountain
1 x Charming fountain
1 x Amazing fountain
1 x Elite fountain
1 x Exclusive fountain
1 x Beautiful fountain

RRP - £99.99

EPIC PRICE - £49.95 (£41.63 + VAT)†

Companion Selection Box†Specifications

Carton Quantity: 1 x Brothers Companion Selection Box
Firework Dimensions: 10cm x 62cm x 35cm
Noise Rating: 7/10
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres†

Brothers Companion£99.99£41.6220.00%

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"Great all ound selection, thees some good size fireworks in this box, nice weight to them, good choi..."
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